577 Who Else Could It Be?

    "Why would the director invite Lin Yan?"

    This question puzzled the reporters.

    "I know! Didn't the production crew offer a role to Lin Yan during her audition? In the end, she rejected it... I reckon she must have accepted it after all."

    Everyone looked enlightened after hearing that.

    That would explain everything.

    Another reporter jeered aloud. "Didn't Lin Yan announce at the audition that she would never accept another role other than Yeva? She said she is simply not interested."

    "Anyone can brag and boast. In the end, she still got in because of her connection to Miss Lin Shuya."

    Lin Yan stood on the stage along with the director and Zhou Qiao.

    "There are two announcements to be made at the press conference today. First, everyone has been concerned about the actress who will play Yeva's role. Second, we will be informing everyone about the production progress and the details of the screening dates."

    The director addressed everyone with a bright smile.

    "Legend has added a few more characters, and every single one of them is an outstanding artist. We have also incorporated more Yeva scenes that involve the people around her," the producer added professionally.

    "We have added a female racer named Jiang Lai. She will be filming very soon," said the director.

    "Director, who will be portraying Jiang Lai?"

    The director's eyes darted suddenly to Lin Shuya. He chuckled softly and replied, "Miss Lin Shuya."

    Everyone present, including Lin Shuya, froze in shock and a heavy silence enveloped the entire room.

    A reporter yelled aloud, "Miss Lin Shuya will be Jiang Lai? Has there been a mistake? Didn't the production crew announce that Miss Lin Shuya would be Yeva?"

    "Yeah." Zhou Qiao nodded in acknowledgment. "But that wasn't confirmed. The search for Yeva has been ongoing, so it wouldn't be confirmed until the last minute."

    Lin Yan pondered silently to herself.

    No wonder Lin Shuya had appeared today. The production crew hadn't given up on her. They had merely added a new role for her.

    The production crew had expressed how much they adored Lin Shuya after all...

    Lin Shuya's expression registered a myriad of emotions in a span of minutes.

    She had already signed a contract with the production crew, but the role hadn't been specified explicitly between them. This contract was only a promise to Lin Shuya that she would be involved in the movie.

    Lin Shuya had assumed that Yeva's role would belong to her without a doubt. The production crew had also previously declared that she would be Yeva.

    She hadn't expected that there would be so many changes. Plus, the production crew hadn't given her a heads-up before today!

    If she wasn't portraying Yeva, who else could be portraying her?

    She had been keeping an eye on the progress of the auditions and she was confident that no one else would be up to the role!
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