578 The Announcement Of The Actress

    Although Lin Shuya was irate and confused, she had no choice but to smile under the circumstances.

    "Lately, we have discovered a brilliant actress. She is exceedingly suitable to portray Yeva, so we have confirmed her participation. We are sorry to say that it isn't Miss Lin Shuya." Zhou Qiao spoke to the reporters with a tiny smile.

    A reporter shouted anxiously, "Mr. Zhou Qiao! If Miss Lin Shuya isn't going to play Yeva, who is this brilliant actress?"

    Everyone began to exchange hushed guesses in the room.

    They couldn't think of anyone besides Lin Shuya who would be able to pull off the complexity of a character like Yeva.

    Lin Shuya had excellent acting skills. She was graceful and classy and she was a member of a prestigious team in the country.

    This team had lavished generous compliments on Lin Shuya and labeled her a racer with immense potential. They had pronounced that she would qualify to be a professional racer soon. That said, who else could be more suited for the role besides Lin Shuya?

    The director of Legend appeared helpless. Actually, he agreed that Lin Shuya was perfect for the role of Yeva. However, Yeva herself didn't share the same sentiment and had instead chosen Lin Yan.

    "After rounds of discussions, it has been decided that the lady beside me will portray Yeva in the movie. I am talking about Lin Yan." Zhou Qiao glanced at Lin Yan swiftly.

    As the name left Zhou Qiao's lips, the whole room went silent abruptly, as though he had silenced all of them. Not even a sound was heard.

    The reporters stared at Lin Yan, transfixed and full of disbelief.

    What had they just heard? Lin Yan... was more suitable than Lin Shuya... to be Yeva?

    Even Zhao Hongling was rooted to the spot in shock.

    She stood there agape and looked at Lin Yan, overwhelmed by shock.

    She had never once dreamed that Lin Yan would be able to land the role of Yeva, yet Zhou Qiao had announced it personally...

    "How is that possible?"

    Lin Shuya instinctively turned to Lin Yan in utter incredulity and shock. A second later, fury rushed over her in waves.

    So Lin Yan... had snatched the role from her?

    How had Lin Yan managed to convince the production crew?

    Lin Yan had lost to her in every aspect. There was no reason Lin Yan would triumph over her and land the role of Yeva!

    Even if the production crew hadn't chosen her, they shouldn't have picked Lin Yan!

    "Sister, congratulations."

    Lin Shuya had regained her composure swiftly.

    Even though she couldn't understand or accept this fact, Zhou Qiao and the director had announced the news officially so nothing would change.

    "Thank you." A faint smile tugged at the corners of Lin Yan's mouth as she glanced at Lin Shuya.


    "Are you serious? Lin Yan is going to be Yeva?"

    "The only reason Lin Yan could have a role in Legend was because of her connection to Lin Shuya! Why has she replaced Lin Shuya instead?"

    The news was so shocking that none of the reporters could digest it.

    The female reporters who had dissed Lin Yan aloud earlier wished that they could dig a hole to hide right now.
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