579 I Like Her Very Much

    The reporters stole glances at each other, looking conflicted.

    Some people had spread rumors that Lin Yan had gotten into Legend because of Lin Shuya. Now, it seemed as though it wasn't likely.

    Especially given Lin Yan's audition recording, which had been circulating online.

    Lin Yan had confidently expressed that she was the only actress who could portray Yeva. This particular statement had received vicious backlash from both the media and the public.

    Who could have imagined that Lin Yan... would successfully land the role of Yeva?

    In no time, the reporters outside the club received the shocking news.

    Lin Yan had scored and landed the role of Yeva. Her arrogant, conceited statement had come true...

    One of the female reporters frowned as she said, "Mr. Zhou Qiao, you're the apprentice of Mr. Lang Mang and you are an outstanding racer yourself. You have mentioned that your coach sent you here to assist the production crew in their search for a suitable actress to play Yeva. Am I right?"

    Zhou Qiao listened to the female reporter quietly before responding with a nod. "Indeed, you're right."

    "Good," she said, "In that case, we would like to ask you a question. In your opinion, why would an actress like Lin Yan be suitable to portray Yeva?"

    The rest of the reporters, who were afraid to speak up, muttered unanimously after the female reporter stopped speaking.

    "Mr. Zhou Qiao, Director. You two may not be familiar with Miss Lin Yan, but we are. She isn't suitable to play Yeva. Putting Miss Lin Shuya aside..."

    Zhou Qiao scanned the reporters quickly as he chuckled. "I have never met a reporter like you."

    Lin Yan wasn't listening to the reporters, as she was glancing at her phone. The director had sent her several messages.

    Go11 had typed, 'Miss Yeva, we have respected your decision and agreed to let Miss Lin Yan portray you. However, the actress you've selected doesn't seem to have a good reputation...'

    The director had sent another message along with a video of the reporters voicing their disapproval. In another message, he included some of the criticism directed at Lin Yan as well.

    The director would never have imagined that Yeva was sitting an arm's length away from him at this very moment...

    Lin Yan raised her head and stole a furtive glance at the director, who was engrossed in his phone.

    It seemed that the director favored Lin Shuya more and wanted to attempt to change Yeva's mind. He harbored some hope that Yeva might change her mind after seeing the criticism...

    If Yeva really changed her mind, the production crew wouldn't mind paying a penalty and replacing Lin Yan with Lin Shuya.

    Lin Yan crafted a reply.

    She typed, 'That's quite good.'

    Go11 was confused. 'It's good? This is considered good?'

    Yeva typed, 'I believe that Lin Yan is unique, independent, and opinionated. She is like me, which is why I like her. I think that she is the only suitable person in the entire world to portray me.'

    Go11 was speechless...

    Lin Yan raised her head to study the expression of the director. He looked stunned and full of disbelief.

    She suddenly felt a pang of sympathy for him...
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