580 I Only Care About My Opinion

    The director turned his head to glance at Lin Yan before diverting his attention back to his phone.

    Lin Yan had declared that she was the only person in the world who could portray Yeva... and she was not interested in any other roles.

    Now, Yeva had told him that Lin Yan was the only person who could portray her...

    What was going on? Why did the two of them exhibit this sort of telepathy? Had they been lovers in a previous lifetime?

    The director had an abrupt, bizarre thought. Yeva and Lin Yan seemed to be the same person... They sounded so much alike...

    The director sighed in defeat. Yeva seemed unyielding and bent on using Lin Yan. He had no hope of changing her mind.

    Go11 typed, 'Madam Yeva, are you sure you don't want to reconsider? Actually... I think that Miss Lin Yan isn't that suitable for the role...'

    Yeva answered, 'I don't need your opinion. I only care about mine.'

    Go11 was speechless...

    Yeva then pressed on. 'If you find this too hard, you may delete my scenes.'

    Beads of perspiration rolled down the director's forehead as he typed with trembling hands, 'I suddenly feel that Miss Lin Yan will be great. She is unique! Madam Yeva, you have excellent foresight!'

    Lin Yan scrutinized the director in amusement. She really needed to applaud him for his fine acting skills...


    A few reporters who had asked the director some questions realized that he seemed to be engrossed in his phone. He had hardly heard a word.

    The director was jolted back to reality after some time. "Sorry, I was just chatting with Madam Yeva."

    Everyone, including Zhou Qiao, looked startled.

    "You were chatting with Madam Yeva? Which Yeva?"

    "The Yeva we are talking about," replied the director.

    "Director, you know Madam Yeva personally?"

    Yeva was famous for being low-key and fiercely private. Even her most loyal fans couldn't catch a glimpse of her real face.

    Yeva seemed to have devoted her life to racing, and racing was synonymous with her name. Only a handful of people had seen her face.

    The room started buzzing with excitement when everyone heard the director.

    He grinned and quipped, "Of course I know her. I've been friends with her for some time. She likes my movies and I'm also her loyal fan."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She could have sworn that she had never watched any of his work despite his fame... Plus, they hardly knew each other...

    "Director, can we take a look at the conversation between you and Yeva?" one of the reporters eagerly yelled.

    "Of course not!" The director furrowed his eyebrows. "That's a private conversation between me and Madam Yeva. She cherishes privacy very much."

    Lin Yan was speechless once more... A private conversation? That didn't sound right...

    She then received another message from the director.

    Go11 asked, 'Madam Yeva, the reporters are requesting to have a look at our conversation... What do you think?'

    Yeva denied curtly. 'No.'

    The director glanced at the crowd and replied, "Madam Yeva said no."
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