581 This Is the Feast?

    When they left the club, it was already late afternoon.

    Zhao Hongling walked seemingly in a daze as she glanced at Lin Yan from time to time.

    "Lin Yan, how did you clinch Yeva's role?" Zhao Hongling finally asked after a long time.

    The fact that Lin Yan had managed to secure a minor role in Legend was already an amazing feat. Zhao Hongling hadn't expected that Lin Yan would succeed in her audition at all.

    Only at the press conference did Zhao Hongling incredulously realize that Lin Yan would be portraying Yeva.

    Even though Yeva wouldn't have many scenes in the movie and she was slated to appear in the last few scenes, her role was of paramount significance, to the extent that she had exceeded the influence of the male and female leads.

    It wasn't an exaggeration to say that Yeva, despite her limited appearance, would be the essence of the movie.

    Zhao Hongling was somber and doubtful as she mulled over the events of that day. Lin Yan had been plagued with criticism and gossip lately. Why would Legend pick her to be Yeva in that case?

    Logically speaking, there wasn't any reason for the production crew to entrust an important role like this to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan's eyes roved over Zhao Hongling's face as she deliberated this quietly. "Sister Ling, perhaps I acted really well."

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    Lin Yan had proved her acting chops with Meeting One's Match.

    However, acting wasn't what mattered when it came to portraying Yeva. Besides, Lin Shuya was a good actress too and she would overall be an ideal choice instead.


    Lin Shuya returned to her company and collapsed on the couch. She seemed to be emitting a menacing aura.

    Were the director and Zhou Qiao dimwits? How could they give the role to Lin Yan?

    No matter how hard she tried to find a reason, there was no way Lin Yan could have landed that role!

    Lin Shuya decided to phone Zhou Qiao.

    "Hello, Miss Shuya," Zhou Qiao answered.

    "Mr. Zhou Qiao, I have a question. Why did you decide to give the role to Lin Yan? I don't mean to be rude, I'm just curious." Lin Shuya suppressed the burning rage in her chest as she forced a smile.

    "Oh. The production crew decided that Lin Yan is more suitable. Miss Shuya, you understand that we have been searching for a suitable candidate to play Yeva all this time. Until the very last second, anything could have happened."

    After Lin Shuya hung up, her eyes glinted dangerously with malice.

    She suddenly laughed for no reason moments later.

    If she were to portray Yeva, it would boost her career substantially. However, if that role was given to Lin Yan, she wouldn't be able to handle it.

    Lin Yan was plagued by scandals and criticism. Now that she was going to portray Yeva, Yeva's fans wouldn't accept that fact. That should finish her off.

    She would just wait and see if Lin Yan's luck would last.


    Meanwhile, at a restaurant...

    "Are you full?"

    Lin Yan grinned at Zhao Hongling.

    Zhao Hongling peered at Lin Yan. "So this is the feast you were referring to?"
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