582 Crisis

    Spicy shredded potato, stir-fried pork with green chili, tomato and eggs... and two bowls of rice.

    "Sister Ling, there are only two of us. It's a waste to throw excess food away," Lin Yan remarked with a grin.

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    She was speechless. She had met stingy people before, but Lin Yan was in a league of her own.

    She was, after all, a public figure. She would be taking part in an international production soon. Why would she scrimp and save so much?

    Zhao Hongling had assumed in the past that Lin Yan was naturally thrifty and hated extravagance. Now, she was starting to doubt if she was indeed thrifty or merely stingy...

    "Do you want to take the leftovers home?" Zhao Hongling asked Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan grinned. She was about to answer when her expression faltered slightly. She had caught sight of the patrons at another table.

    Thus, she turned to Zhao Hongling and replied, "Sister Ling, you can leave first. I have something to do."

    Zhao Hongling nodded in response.

    "Hold on, Sister Ling. Can I borrow your car?" asked Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling passed her the keys without hesitation. "Be careful. I just bought it."

    "Sister Ling, are you looking down on my driving skills?" Lin Yan chuckled aloud.

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    Did she really think that she had become Yeva in real life? What kind of skills did she have?

    After Zhao Hongling left, Lin Yan rose slowly and beckoned to the boss. "How much was the meal?"

    "240 yuan."

    "I only ordered three dishes. Why were they so expensive? How much was the shredded potato?" asked Lin Yan.

    "38 yuan."

    Lin Yan sized up the middle-aged man. "Boss, did you plant the potatoes yourself?"

    After she paid, Lin Yan turned around and left.

    She walked to a car park and kept peeking over her shoulders warily.

    Was she being too paranoid?

    She had a hunch that the patrons sitting nearby had looked odd. They'd kept glancing at her sneakily.

    Lin Yan smacked her forehead to dispel those thoughts.

    After all, she was a celebrity. She had gathered so much attention online that her fame should have spread far and wide.

    Before Lin Yan had any time to think, the guys she had seen at the restaurant earlier appeared before her.

    One of the men, who was wearing a jacket, smirked at Lin Yan coldly.

    Then, he used his finger to mimic a slashing movement across his throat.

    "It's the woman from the beach. Don't let her escape," one of the men said loudly.

    They didn't speak Mandarin, but Lin Yan understood what he meant.


    Lin Yan mulled over his words.

    She finally recalled that she had been attacked by a group of mysterious strangers near her grandfather's place some time ago.

    So these people...

    Lin Yan hurriedly opened the door and started the engine. With a vroom, the car sped out of the car park.

    As the saying goes, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. Besides, she was outnumbered! Making her escape now would be wise!

    Lin Yan sped as quickly as she could, but the car had reached its limit. She couldn't manage to shake those guys off.
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