584 A Dog Is a Better Driver Than You

    The man's eyes flickered as he said coldly, "You're implying that I did it on purpose."

    Lin Yan gave him a knowing smile. At least he wasn't pretending.

    "Check the surveillance camera," the man quipped.

    Before Lin Yan could respond, a car stopped abruptly and loudly behind them.

    Lin Yan went pale at the thought that they had caught up with her.

    Six young men tumbled out of the car.

    "Is that man her friend?" one of them asked.

    Another man asked the man with the dark green eyes, "What is your relationship with her?"

    However, he didn't seem to understand. "Is he talking to me?"

    Lin Yan quipped, "Of course."

    "Can you understand what they are saying?" asked the man.

    Lin Yan had no wish to embroil an innocent man into this mess. She thus hastily translated, "They said that, given our driving skills, we shouldn't try to drive. We should go back home and play games instead. They will beat you up the next time they see you on the road."

    "Really? Are you sure?" the man probed.

    Lin Yan nodded fervently. "Yeah, I emitted all the malicious words that they used. Go away now, or they will beat you up."

    "I understand."

    The man cracked his neck to the side before removing his jacket. Lin Yan watched him in confusion as he passed the jacket to her. "Help me hold it. It's expensive."

    Lin Yan was bewildered. Why should she hold his jacket for him?

    The man was wearing a white shirt underneath his jacket. He unbuttoned two buttons before he marched toward the group of men.

    "What the... Hey, you..."

    Lin Yan was taken aback by the man's action. Did he have a death wish?

    She had no idea that this man was so impulsive. She had merely tried to scare him away.

    Those men weren't ordinary people. They had extraordinary strength. Five or six ordinary men wouldn't be a match for any of them. How could he possibly defeat all six of them?

    Before Lin Yan could react, she heard a loud noise and her eyes became huge with shock.

    The man stuffed his hands inside his pockets as he aimed a kick at the leader of the men. His kick landed on the leader's neck.

    The leader fell to the ground, clasping his neck. He tried to raise his head, but the man with the green eyes forced him to stay still by pressing his leg on his head.

    "So... You're not ordinary men." The man with the green eyes seemed unruffled as he gazed at the group.

    "You... Who are you? We are looking for her! This is none of your business!" another man yelled coldly.

    "Translate," the man with the green eyes said.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "He... He... said that he placed a bone on the steering wheel. And there is a dog on the driver's seat..."

    "Is he trying to say that a dog is a better driver than me?" the man asked coldly.

    "Yeah, he also said that... you should go drive a bumper car. You have beaten their leader, so you're finished this time. They won't let you off." Lin Yan reeled off.

    She glanced awkwardly at the man, thinking that he should believe what she had said.
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