585 Cheering On the Boss

    Actually, Lin Yan couldn't manage to understand the men's language fully due to their accent and dialect. However, she believed that she had translated the main gist of their words.

    The man's green eyes shone with aloofness. "You want me to drive a bumper car?"

    The leader with the short hair gritted his teeth. "Who are you? This... has nothing to do with you!"

    One of his men hissed and snarled. "Don't go seeking trouble."

    "Translate." The man with the green eyes glanced at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan nodded promptly. "They asked if you bought your driving license... Given your skills, how dare you drive on the road? It's a pity that the car can't speak. If it could...

    Oh, yeah. The guy with the short hair mocked you for having a girl's strength. He said you are so fragile and weak... He wondered if your fists belong to a widow."

    When Lin Yan finished speaking, a huge sound was heard and the man lunged forward slightly. The leader had fallen flat on the ground.

    "Kneel down," the man hissed.


    The leader's knees were forcibly crushed against the ground with a huge force.

    Lin Yan was dumbfounded. Who was this man?

    Her pursuers weren't ordinary people. She had met another group like them before at the beach near her grandfather's place. She wouldn't be able to handle all of them even if she had not lost her rationality.

    The men before her had to be more powerful than the ones she had encountered before. However, they seemed to collapse after a single blow.

    "Let him go!" one of the men bellowed as he extended his fist.

    Before he could move, the man with the green eyes had already struck.

    An explosive boom rang and the man flew away like a broken kite. He was flung at least five meters away and he rolled away when he landed on the ground.

    "His fists are quite powerful," the leader muttered with an evil grin.

    Lin Yan cheered on the man with the green eyes silently. Get them, Boss!

    Although this man's driving skills were dreadful, his fists were excellent!

    "Damn you! Who are you? Why did you interfere with our affairs? Do you know who we are? If you leave now, we shall not hunt you down..." the leader, who was kneeling down, hissed aloud. His head was restrained by the man with the green eyes, so he couldn't crane his neck to take a good look at the man.


    The man with the green eyes glanced at Lin Yan.

    She nodded her head violently. Her mind raced as she tried to decipher the meaning.

    Lin Yan raised her chin and spoke solemnly. "I think it means that... you're finished. They are big shots so now that you've offended them, you are done. Even God won't be able to save you. They want you to kneel down and apologize so that they can consider sparing your lowly life."

    The man frowned when he heard Lin Yan. "He didn't say that much just now."

    "Oh, it's because of the language. Anyway, the meaning was similar," Lin Yan replied earnestly.

    "Got it," the man replied curtly before he finally moved his leg away from the leader's neck.
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