586 Lin Yan As Translator

    The leader strained to move his head so that he could see the man's face properly.

    "You... look like someone..." At that instant, the leader's eyes flickered with fear.

    "He said that you look like a woman and you can try to lay a finger on him again if you have the guts." Lin Yan translated promptly even though the man didn't ask.

    "I'm curious..." the man said mildly, "Will his bones be tougher than his mouth?"

    The man then squeezed the leader's neck and lifted him off the ground.

    "Use... words... This is a... misunderstanding..." The leader's face was flushed and he had difficulty talking with a man's hand squeezing his neck.

    "He said that he doesn't care if this is a misunderstanding. You have offended them today, so he will make you pay a heavy price. He will make sure you can't even drive a bumper car in the future," supplied Lin Yan swiftly.

    The man raised his other fist after Lin Yan's translation. His punches repeatedly landed on the leader's face, making it swell in no time.

    "That woman! What has she been telling him? She's rattling non-stop!" a young man hissed angrily at Lin Yan.

    "He said that you don't even understand their language and you need a woman to translate for you. You are better off dead," quipped Lin Yan airily.


    The man's eyes gleamed with a trace of subtle fury at Lin Yan's words.


    Less than half an hour later, the six men who had tried to abduct Lin Yan were all sprawled on the ground, whining in pain.

    "Spare us... We were in the wrong! This is definitely a misunderstanding!"

    "Hurry! Run! This man... I remember him now... He is that man... I've seen him before! There is no mistake!"

    Lin Yan deliberated for a moment before she said, "The first man said that you will beg for your life before them one day. The second guy said that you're a beast and he has seen you before. Yes, he saw you before in the form of a dog."

    "Really?" the man asked as he stared at the men.

    "Yes, that should be correct. That was what they meant." Lin Yan nodded.

    The leader glared at Lin Yan as he gnashed his teeth. "B*tch! What did you tell him? There is no way you know him... His identity..."

    "Translate," the man said as he turned to Lin Yan.

    "Okay." Lin Yan fell silent for some time. "He said that you're nothing to them and you're merely a clown. They said that you look like a b*tch and you're not even fit to shine their shoes for them."

    Lin Yan studied the group of men with mingled pity and sympathy. They were in such bad shape, yet they still continued to provoke the man. They deserved to be beaten up.

    After she stopped talking, their wails of agony echoed once more as they received another beating.

    Half an hour later, the man surveyed the group of men lying on the ground. "Judging from their expressions and mouths, they shouldn't be talking anymore."

    Before Lin Yan could respond, the man dismissed them with an impatient wave. "Don't appear before me again, or you shall bear the consequences."
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