587 You Crashed Into My Car

    Although they couldn't understand the man, they saw his hands.

    It appeared as if they had received a pardon, so they got up clumsily while supporting one another. They scrambled back to their car and in less than a minute, their car vanished.

    Lin Yan couldn't help but sigh quietly. That leader had incredible driving skills. He should consider becoming a professional racer and joining the He family team instead.

    After the men fled, the man with the green eyes extended his hand to Lin Yan.

    She was perplexed.

    "Jacket." The man with the green eyes glanced at her.

    Lin Yan hurriedly gave him his jacket.

    "Sir, everything is fine now. In that case... I'll be leaving... You should leave now, as they said that they will be back with more men." Lin Yan translated for the final time.

    "You crashed into my car," said the man with the green eyes calmly.

    Lin Yan's anger bubbled in the pit of her stomach at his words.

    He was the one who had crashed into her! Plus, that was Sister Ling's new car... She hadn't even badgered him for compensation, yet he was hounding her now?

    She could forgo her life, but never her money!

    Besides, this man drove such an expensive car that she reckoned even the insurance wouldn't be able to cover the damage. How could she afford the repair fees?

    Lin Yan suppressed her rage and forced a smile. "That... You crashed into my car... I have a record of it. If you don't believe me, let's check it out. If I was the one who did it, you can then name what you want."

    "So you are implying that I can't drive," the man with the green eyes hissed quietly.

    Lin Yan shrugged casually at his statement. He really couldn't drive and should start by training with a bumper car first!

    Naturally, Lin Yan didn't dare verbalize her thoughts. She grinned helplessly and said, "Let's check the surveillance camera and take a look at the evidence."

    "Sure." The man agreed as he glanced at Lin Yan. "I have a camera in my car as well."


    The man strode toward his SUV without a word.

    "Get in."

    The man opened the door.

    Left with no choice, Lin Yan got in after him.

    When she studied the interior of his car, she had to admit that it indeed belonged to a wealthy person.

    This expensive SUV had a dent in the front and scratches on the side. Lin Yan felt a twinge of pain when she saw those marks.

    He took out the camera silently and began to play the recording.

    He replayed the video starting 30 minutes before the incident had happened.

    Lin Yan watched the screen quietly. The man had swerved left and right recklessly. She felt that this car was being wasted in this man's hands.

    Soon, it was seconds before the crash had happened.

    Lin Yan's car had tried to avoid him by swerving away. However, the man's car had continued to tailgate her and followed her wherever she'd gone. Finally, Lin Yan had stopped her car and the man's car had come crashing into hers from the back...

    The man's mask of indifference finally cracked a little when he saw this with his own eyes.
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