588 Appalling Driving Techniques

    The man furrowed his eyebrows, looking as though he couldn't believe the truth. He rewound the recording repeatedly but alas, the truth was out. Lin Yan's car had pulled over. He was the one who had crashed into her.

    That footage could be used for a classic case of blackmail or fraud.

    Lin Yan's smile grew wider as she studied the man.

    Frankly speaking, this man had forced her to stop her car. That had only happened three times in her life.

    The first time: a red light.

    The second time: the finale of the international competition.

    The third time: the appalling driving techniques of this man.

    Lin Yan could have sworn that unless this man had deliberately tried to crash into her, his driving techniques were terrifying.

    "So what now? Facts do speak louder than words, don't they?" Lin Yan grinned at the man, who was still in a reverie.

    The man was pulled out of his reverie by Lin Yan's words. His gaze landed on her before he quipped, "Did you... do anything to the recording? What did you do?"

    Lin Yan's smile froze at the man's accusation.

    It was rare to meet a man like him, who had cast his shame and pride away.

    How on earth would she have been able to tamper with the recording?

    Lin Yan had never heard of that happening before.

    Even if she had been able to tamper with the recording, she had still been under his watch ever since she had gotten into his car. When would she have seized the opportunity to do that?

    "With my driving skills, there is no way I would have crashed into your car." The man resumed his aloof stance as his green eyes bore into Lin Yan quietly. "If you admit that it was you who crashed into my car, I will let the matter slide."

    Lin Yan studied the man in exasperation. Was he under some sort of delusion about his driving skills?

    Did he even have any skill to begin with? He had none whatsoever!

    "Sir, you really crashed into me... The recording can't be fake," Lin Yan replied with a sigh.

    "Are you... certain? I can give you another chance to speak the truth." The man's eyes gleamed coldly.

    "Alright, alright then. I crashed into you. Is that acceptable?" Lin Yan sighed in defeat.

    "Are you patronizing me?" asked the man quietly.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Could anyone save her?

    She wished that those men had captured her instead! This was enough!

    "Sorry, I shouldn't have maligned you. My driving skills are bad... and the roads are narrow and uneven. I accidentally collided with your car. My driving instructor is dead. He was driven to death by me." Lin Yan gnashed her teeth as she replied.


    The man's coldness dissipated as he listened to Lin Yan's apology.

    "But... I have no money to compensate you. I have to make a disclaimer first," Lin Yan hurriedly added.

    She could admit that her driving skills sucked, but she would never give him money!

    "It's fine, I forgive you. You don't have to compensate me," replied the man mildly.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    So this man just couldn't take it when others criticized his driving skills?

    "Be careful in the future," the man advised her.

    Lin Yan forced a smile in response.
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