589 I Dont Like to Take Advantage

    Lin Yan scrutinized the man in the driver's seat. She was seriously doubting that he had a driver's license.

    She had never met someone with driving skills like his. Even when she had first started learning, she had never been that terrible.

    This man not only possessed horrendous driving skills, but he was also obnoxiously confident and prideful. If she dared to criticize his driving, she would be in danger of clashing with him.

    Lin Yan wondered about the identity of this man... Who was he exactly?

    "What's your name?" Lin Yan's eyes roved over the man as she beamed at him.

    The man turned around and replied airily, "You don't have to know."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Before she could reply, the man asked, "What's your name?"

    Lin Yan grinned cheekily. "You don't have to know."

    The man scanned Lin Yan's face. "Got it."

    "I'm leaving." Lin Yan announced as she was about to get out of the car.

    "Hold on." The man stopped Lin Yan.

    "What is the matter?" Lin Yan was puzzled.

    "I have a job that is suitable for you. Are you interested?" the man asked.


    Lin Yan was startled. What kind of job?

    "What is the job?" she blurted out.

    The man contemplated her question for a few moments. "A translating job."

    "Forget it, I already have a job." Lin Yan declined promptly. "I shall not charge you today."

    "No?" The man frowned at her as his face darkened. "I don't like to take advantage of people."

    "Oh." Lin Yan nodded and extended her hands. "Pay me then."

    The man got out and went to the back of his car to retrieve a wad of notes. He then passed it to Lin Yan.

    Her eyes widened in shock. Was he messing with her?

    That was a huge amount of money!

    She had casually translated for him. Why would she deserve so much money?

    "If it's not enough, I can transfer more to your account." The man was stoic.

    "No, it's enough!" Lin Yan nodded eagerly. How could it be insufficient?

    Lin Yan sized up the man with curiosity. Was there something wrong with this man?

    The money he had given her should be enough to pay a professional translator who knew at least several languages for two months.

    However, Lin Yan believed that this man wasn't an idiot. He should be just a spendthrift.

    "Can I ask you something?" Lin Yan grinned at the man.

    "Ask away," answered the man.

    "The job you mentioned... How much is the salary per month?" asked Lin Yan cautiously.

    "Ten times more than this," he replied.

    "I know... No, I can understand 18 languages a little... I even speak the aboriginal language... I think that I'm exceptionally suitable for the job," answered Lin Yan hastily.

    She then trudged on. "However... I have a job, so I can only work part-time. Is that okay?"

    "Yes," the man answered.

    "Boss, should we sign a contract or something..." asked Lin Yan apprehensively.


    Lin Yan was speechless... This was a blessing from heaven.

    She added the man's WeChat account immediately.

    The man's picture was a black hole, and his name was 'Xiao'.
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