590 Listen to Me

    After he left, Lin Yan giggled happily to herself. This part-time job would pay her more than her current job...

    Was this considered a blessing in disguise?

    This job was so easy and effortless. She only needed to work when he needed her. She could get ten more such jobs!

    Although she had exaggerated by saying that she could understand 18 languages a little... she could acquire that knowledge...

    When she returned to Cloud Manor, Pei Yutang wasn't around. He must have gone out.

    Before Lin Yan could sit down, Zhao Hongling called her.

    Guilt seized her the moment she saw Zhao Hongling's name. Had she found out already?

    The call ended before she could answer.

    Seconds later, she called once more.

    Lin Yan could only pick up the call.

    "Lin Yan... Did the King of Hell pursue you?" Zhao Hongling spoke calmly.

    "Huh?" Lin Yan was taken aback.

    "You beat four red lights. I want to interview you about the entire journey that you took just now," replied Zhao Hongling.

    "Sister Ling, listen to me! Something happened. That's why I had to beat those red lights! Don't flare up at me! Listen to me first," Lin Yan replied awkwardly.

    "Don't give me excuses. Just drive my car back now..."


    Lin Yan drove the car to the designated place. She had just parked the car when Zhao Hongling came out of the police station.

    The car was right in front of Zhao Hongling, but she didn't seem to have caught sight of it as she peered into the distance.

    Lin Yan wound down the window and yelled, "Sister Ling! I'm here!"

    Zhao Hongling looked shocked. "Lin Yan, where is my car?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She grinned. "This is your..."

    Zhao Hongling almost fainted when she scrutinized the car.

    How could this be her car?

    Hours ago, it had been a beautiful sheepdog. Now, it had become a handicapped stray!

    The car was heavily dented, and there were scratches along the sides. It was also splattered with mud and dust.

    "Where did you take my car?" Zhao Hongling stared at Lin Yan.

    "Errr... It's a long story..." Lin Yan was at a loss for words. If she were to tell Zhao Hongling the truth, she might think that she was a lunatic.

    Zhao Hongling opened the door and slid inside. "Start the car."

    "Sister Ling, aren't you driving?" asked Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling exploded the moment Lin Yan mentioned driving.

    Lin Yan felt guilty and fearful as Zhao Hongling stared at her intently. "Sister Ling, what's wrong?"

    "Do you think that I can still drive?" hissed Zhao Hongling.

    Lin Yan was taken aback. "Why can't you?"

    Zhao Hongling rolled her eyes at her. "You beat four red lights and you exceeded the speed limit. I had 36 points deducted and my license was suspended. How can I drive?"

    Lin Yan clammed up awkwardly.

    "And how did the dent come about?" Zhao Hongling frowned at her.

    "Someone collided with me," Lin Yan replied honestly.

    Zhao Hongling watched the recording and saw that an SUV had indeed crashed into her car.
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