592 Money Isnt Importan

    Pei Yutang rolled his eyes at Lin Yan. So money wasn't important?

    Then how come she was still asking about the reward? How cunning she was!

    "Daddy, my money is all spent on expanding the team and hiring experts. Lately, I'm kinda short on money, but I will write you an IOU. Name your price!" Pei Yutang grinned.

    Lin Yan sighed heavily to herself. "Money isn't important. However, as your brother's girlfriend, I can't take your side. This is out of the question!"

    The corners of Pei Yutang's mouth twitched when he heard Lin Yan. If he had the cash, he believed that she wouldn't have conjured that excuse to placate him. Did she reckon that he would break his promise?

    He gnashed his teeth in anger. How could she tell that he was really intending to renege on his promise?

    After Lin Yan entered the house, she decided to check on any news about herself. It felt kind of weird not reading about herself in the headlines the whole day.

    Indeed, she occupied the top search.

    The headline was glaring: 'Lin Shuya and Lin Yan's Feud'.

    Lin Yan savored the content in amusement.

    It merely repeated how kind and beautiful Lin Shuya was and how sly and shameless Lin Yan was for trying to steal everything from Lin Shuya.

    The objective of the article was the role of Yeva in Legend.

    The article started off by stating that Lin Shuya had been offered to portray Yeva. However, Lin Yan had resorted to despicable methods by attempting suicide to coerce Lin Shuya into giving up the role. In the end, Lin Shuya had relented and given the role to Lin Yan.

    This article was obviously based on pure speculation. However, the public had chosen to believe it when it was published online without any hesitation.

    Lin Yan chuckled with mirth as she read the criticism and backlash.

    'Picky Lion' had commented, 'Lin Yan can't even be compared to a beast. Without Lin Shuya, how would she have been able to enter the entertainment industry? She's an ingrate! An insufferable traitor! She is worse than a pig and a dog for snatching things from her sister!'

    'The King next door' replied, 'Ha ha! There are too many people like Lin Yan in real life. It's not even surprising. She lacks talent and is jealous of her sister for being so outstanding. Of course she's burning with rage, which is what gave birth to crafty schemes. We can only blame Lin Shuya for being too trusting.'

    'My house is in the suburbs' also left a comment. 'Everyone here is a fool. These articles are baiting readers to leave comments. It's so obvious that everyone here doesn't have a brain and they simply believe whatever is being written. Do you think that Legend is any random production crew?

    They are an international production crew. They might not even care about Pei Nanxu, let alone about Lin Shuya. Yeva is the essence of the movie. How could they listen to Lin Shuya and allow her to give up her role?

    If Lin Shuya really gave up her role, she would be asked to scram along with Lin Yan.'

    'Pianist and Artist' typed, 'That must be a fan that Lin Yan bribed! How much did she pay you to write that comment? Share with me! Let's earn money together!'

    'The keyboard is my house' replied, 'Given Lin Shuya's status, Legend must treat her with respect. Otherwise, how could Lin Yan land the role successfully by kicking Lin Shuya away?'
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