593 Boss, Im Here!

    As usual, Lin Yan left a comment for herself after reading the comments.

    'Lin Yan is the best! Hang in there, Lin Yan!'

    She then cast her phone aside.

    She had long gotten used to such criticism.

    She just hoped that they could find a different way of condemning her in the future.

    Perhaps they could type, 'What is so great about you being rich?'

    As for Lin Shuya, she had decided that it would be wise to remain silent. It was as though she had admitted to everything, which was what Lin Yan had expected her to do.

    However, if someone were to release the conversation between Yeva and the director of Legend...

    Lin Yan abandoned that thought and made her way to the He family team's training ground.

    The training had intensified as the competition was approaching. Mo Shuyun was jittery and nervous and he didn't dare slack at all.

    If the He family team didn't do well, they might really be gone forever.

    Due to the competition's rules, they might have to change the name of their team. However, that would be left until the competition was over.

    Lin Yan had visited the He family team regularly in the past few days. Mo Shuyun's training was quite good, so she didn't interfere. She merely gave him suggestions as she observed them.

    It was a warm afternoon, so Lin Yan put on a hat as she observed the training with a grave expression.

    Mo Shuyun's training was effective and the team members had indeed improved.

    Her phone suddenly rang and disrupted her thoughts.

    Xiao had sent a message. 'Are you free?'

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun replied, 'Boss! What is the matter? Do you have a task for me?'

    Xiao replied, 'I'll send you an address.'

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun replied swiftly, 'Got it! I'll leave right away!'

    The He family team didn't need her now, so she bade Mo Shuyun goodbye and left in Zhao Hongling's car.

    Half an hour later, Lin Yan reached her destination.

    After she parked her car, she walked to a building by following the GPS.

    'Simulation of reality game research and development company'

    Lin Yan stared at the building in disbelief. Had she gotten the address wrong?

    She verified the address once more, but it was correct.

    Xiao typed, 'Top level.'

    Lin Yan was taken aback. He was really here?

    So that man was working at the company that was researching simulation games?

    She was still feeling puzzled about everything. Shouldn't a major company like theirs have a translator? Why would he spend so much money on an amateur?

    Lin Yan strode into the elevator and pressed the button.

    She had assumed that the furnishings and decor would be lavish and grand.

    However, she realized that she had been wrong. This didn't resemble a company at all... There was no one in sight.

    Desks and couches were lying around along with several computers, but the place looked rather empty.

    When Lin Yan opened the door, the man was sitting on the couch, looking as though he was deep in thought.

    "You're here."

    The man's voice echoed around the room when Lin Yan opened the door.

    "Boss, I'm here!" Lin Yan walked over to him and spoke cheerfully.

    "Familiarize yourself with the surroundings. This is our company." The man's green eyes sparkled mysteriously.

    Lin Yan thought to herself, 'Do I need to familiarize myself?'
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