595 Accepting His Mistake

    Lin Yan, who sat in the passenger seat, looked as though she had lost the ability to speak.

    His driving skills, coupled with his inability to differentiate between left and right, had caused Lin Yan to miss He Lefeng.

    In comparison, He Lefeng seemed to be an expert blooming with talent.

    The man had completely gone off-course. 15 minutes later, he scanned his surroundings suspiciously.

    He turned to Lin Yan and asked calmly, "Where is this place?"

    Lin Yan glanced at him wordlessly. He was the driver, yet he had turned to question her about their whereabouts.

    "The northern part of the city," quipped Lin Yan at last.

    The man didn't respond. Instead, he stopped the car outside a hotel. "This is the place."

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. Had he just admitted his mistake?

    They were supposed to go to the southern part, yet they had ended up in the northern area. Was he claiming that they had arrived?

    Other than being a horrible driver with no sense of direction, he was also a complete idiot at recognizing roads.

    However, the man remained prideful and confident as he ignored any doubts cast at him.

    He led Lin Yan to an elegantly-decorated private room inside the restaurant.

    "Boss, aren't we having a staff meal?" Lin Yan asked in puzzlement.

    "It's the same thing," replied the man.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Oh yeah, Boss. What is our company selling?" Lin Yan posed another question.

    "Games." The man stared at Lin Yan for some time.

    Lin Yan seriously had difficulty trusting the man. He didn't look like a game developer at all.

    The most suspicious thing about this was that there had been no trace of any game-related products in the office. It had been practically deserted too.

    "Simulation of reality and holographic games," the man replied softly.

    Lin Yan was taken aback when she heard the man.

    Holographic games?

    Was he messing with her?

    Lin Yan had been interested in holographic games and yearned to be able to enter the world of games as a character.

    When she had been abroad, Lin Yan remembered playing a holographic game before. However, she hadn't been able to discern if it had been an illusion or reality.

    The man kept his head bowed as he concentrated on his food, looking as though he wasn't planning to talk to Lin Yan.

    After some time, he put away his chopsticks and stared at Lin Yan with his brilliant green eyes. "You seemed interested in holographic games."

    Lin Yan nodded vigorously. "Certainly! Who wouldn't be?"

    More dishes arrived to fill the table.

    Lin Yan gawked at the feast in astonishment.

    "All your dishes are here. Do you need anything else?" the waitress asked with a smile.

    "That's all," replied the man.

    Lin Yan was speechless, as all the dishes were full of crab.

    "Boss, I want a bowl of rice!" She glanced at the man.

    "Get her a bowl of rice," said the man.

    The waitress came back with a bowl of rice.

    Was this man so inflexible?

    He had really gotten a bowl of rice for her.

    "Eat," the man instructed her.

    Lin Yan was speechless...
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