597 Dont You Dare Offend My Boss!

    The man started the engine and whizzed off before 'Lin Yan' could fasten her seatbelt properly.

    'Lin Yan' jerked sideways and was almost flung out of the car.

    'Lin Yan' sized up the man gravely. "Did your grandmother teach you how to drive?"

    When the originally stoic-looking man heard 'Lin Yan', his eyes glinted maliciously.

    "Did you just say that my grandmother taught me how to drive?" the man hissed coldly.

    Lin Yan's consciousness, which had been asleep, finally woke up.

    Although she couldn't control her body, she was aware of what had happened.

    "Sister! Don't mess things up!"

    Lin Yan frantically yelled at the other consciousness.

    "He is my boss and I just started my new job! Don't you dare offend him! Although he is a dreadful driver, he hates it when people tell him the truth!" Lin Yan shouted desperately.

    Pei Yucheng was pensive and quiet.

    "Are you concerned about how he feels?" he probed.

    Lin Yan growled, "I care about my salary!"

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...

    He asked, "Are you broke?"

    Lin Yan was at a loss for an answer to his question. This lecher used everything she had, including meals and clothes!

    The lecher merely enjoyed the fruit of her labor, yet she had never earned a single penny! How dare she have the audacity to ask if she was broke?

    "Sister, I'm pleading with you. Don't mess with my boss. He gets angry faster than you can say snap! He will transform into a monster once he loses his temper! Please stop your antics. I will buy you delicious food!" Lin Yan humbled herself and softened her tone.

    "I understand," Pei Yucheng answered.

    His eyes then trailed to the man. "I was wrong."

    The man's expression didn't soften at all. "Be specific."

    "I think that I insulted your grandmother when I asked if she was the one who taught you how to drive," Pei Yucheng answered airily.

    The man's green eyes glinted with rage.

    "I suppose you must have caused quite a few fatal accidents?" Pei Yucheng pressed on.

    Lin Yan was close to tears as she listened to that lecher conversing with her boss. What was wrong with that lecher today? Wasn't she always trying to seduce handsome men? Had she gone bonkers today?


    Suddenly, the coldness in the man's eyes disappeared and a wry, strange smile appeared on his face.

    Soon, the car pulled over to the side of the road.

    The man unfastened his seatbelt and got out of his car.

    "Get out," the man told 'Lin Yan' quietly.

    Lin Yan was exasperated. What had she done wrong?

    "Don't get out! You have hurt his ego and pride! He must be livid right now and he probably wants to beat us up!" Lin Yan yelled in a panic.

    "He wants to beat us?"

    Pei Yucheng smirked at Lin Yan's words. "Interesting."

    He then opened the door and got out, ignoring Lin Yan's protests.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Could someone drive this monster away from her body?

    Other than losing her job, she might also receive a vicious beating!

    What a hard life she led!

    However, to Lin Yan's surprise, the man didn't lift a finger. He got in and sat in the passenger seat. "You drive then."
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