596 Dont Mess Around

    At the same time, across the vast ocean...

    In a spacious office, an aloof-looking man sat quietly at his desk surrounded by a heap of documents.

    "President Pei, the meeting is at 5.00 p.m," Cheng Mo informed him softly.

    Pei Yucheng grunted without raising his head as his fingers tapped rhythmically against the desk.

    After Cheng Mo left, Pei Yucheng picked up his phone and texted Lin Yan.

    'What are you doing?'

    He didn't get a reply despite waiting for some time.

    He frowned and cast his phone aside.

    In the end, a familiar giddiness swept over him a second later...


    At the restaurant...

    Lin Yan first glanced at the rice before she studied the crab feast before her eyes. Suddenly, she felt that she should eat the crabs. They were expensive after all.

    Lin Yan ignored the bowl of rice and stretched her hand towards a crab.

    Before she could continue, she froze involuntarily as a familiar sensation hit her.

    "F*ck! No way..."

    Lin Yan was flustered by the abrupt arrival of the other consciousness... Why? Why would it appear now?

    She was eating with her boss, and he was so suave and attractive. She really hoped that the lecher wouldn't mess around with her boss!

    Would her boss fire her if she harassed him?

    Lin Yan had no time to mull over that possibility, as she began to lose her consciousness.

    Some time later, 'Lin Yan' fluttered her eyelids.

    She looked completely cold and distant right now, as though she was another person.

    The man attracted her attention right away.

    'Lin Yan' scanned her surroundings and realized that she was inside a restaurant. There was a man with green eyes with her.

    When 'Lin Yan' looked at him, her eyes gleamed coldly, which caused the room's temperature to drop drastically.

    "Your eyes look intimidating."

    The man, who sensed that something was amiss with the girl, dabbed at his lips with a napkin as his green eyes glinted.


    'Lin Yan' sounded distant and cold.

    "I don't like it," quipped the man.

    "Is it important if you like it or not?"

    'Lin Yan' sounded even colder and more frightening.

    The man studied 'Lin Yan' with curiosity. Her voice, actions, and aura had changed so much that she looked like another person.

    The man could sense the disrespect and aloofness 'Lin Yan' directed at him.

    "I'm curious about the sudden animosity you're showing right now. Shouldn't an employee respect her boss?" asked the man.


    'Lin Yan''s eyes flickered as a realization hit her.

    She had no idea who this man was or how he had become her boss.

    "Are you done eating? Let's head back to the office." The man rose agilely.


    'Lin Yan' replied softly without an expression.

    The man and 'Lin Yan' marched out of the restaurant.

    After the man opened the door and got in the car, he glanced at 'Lin Yan'. "Are you waiting for me to open the door?"

    'Lin Yan' didn't utter a word as she opened the door.
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