599 Could It Be a New Trick?

    Suddenly, a realization struck Lin Yan. Could this be a new trick up the lecher's sleeves?

    She had purposely provoked her boss to invoke his interest...

    The more she mulled over it, the more plausible it seemed.

    In hindsight, the banter that they'd had earlier could be a form of flirtation too!

    "No! I can't tolerate this! I'm telling Big Brother that you're dating another man behind his back and displaying intimate behavior in public!" Pei Yutang was indignant as he whipped out his phone.

    'Lin Yan' studied Pei Yutang quietly without a response.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She'd had no idea how loyal this kid was to his brother.

    "Hmph! Don't you look at me that way! I have to tell Big Brother!" Pei Yutang paused for a moment. "Unless you promise to compete for my team without a fee!"

    Lin Yan was speechless. She had been wrong. He wasn't loyal to his brother.

    "Your team?"

    Pei Yucheng suddenly muttered as he glanced at Pei Yutang.

    "Yeah, my team!" Pei Yutang nodded and reeled off. "Daddy, if you help my team, I will pretend that nothing happened today."

    "So... you're not telling your brother?" asked Pei Yucheng.

    "If you promise to compete as a member of my team, I will clamp my mouth shut. One inevitably gets hurt in life. That is part and parcel of life." Pei Yutang grinned sheepishly.

    Pei Yucheng sat there, looking thoughtful. "Didn't your brother cut off your finances? How can you maintain the team?"

    "Ha ha... Although Big Brother cut off my money, I have a secret stash." Pei Yutang chuckled happily.

    "Aren't you afraid that your brother will find out?" Pei Yucheng pressed on.

    "What a joke! I fear nothing in this universe! Who can stop me from doing what I want? Even if Big Brother were to find out about my team, what could he do to me?" Pei Yutang looked smug and confident.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    This kid was excellent at boasting. If Pei Yucheng were to materialize right now, he would be on his knees begging for his forgiveness.

    "Good." Pei Yucheng turned away from Pei Yutang. "I hope you can always be this fearless."

    Pei Yucheng stepped on the accelerator and sped off without another word. Pei Yutang was left standing there in a daze.

    He was shocked when Lin Yan left. "Big Sister-In-Law! Daddy! Are you helping me or not? If you don't agree, I will tell my brother! I have evidence!"


    The man in the passenger seat had absolutely no interest in Pei Yutang.

    Lin Yan suddenly realized that she had regained control of her body.

    "Are you still there?"

    Lin Yan clenched the steering wheel tightly as she muttered under her breath.

    There was no response.

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief. That damned lecher was finally gone!

    She then turned to the man next to her. "Boss, my driving can't be compared to yours."

    The man sneered coldly. "My grandmother taught me."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    This man certainly knew how to bear a grudge!

    Now, she had to bear the consequences caused by that lecher! That was unfair!

    Lin Yan smiled awkwardly and clammed up, afraid that she might offend her boss.

    She parked the car in the car park and followed the man.

    "Boss, if there is nothing else, I'm leaving." Lin Yan informed the man softly.

    "Take your time." The man opened his eyes. "I feel that you've changed."


    She was perplexed.

    "I admired your guts earlier on," replied the man.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    What? He'd admired her despite her offensive remarks?

    Did he feel gratified after being insulted?
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