601 Who Was the Genius?

    Lin Yan glanced wildly at her surroundings, but no one was in sight.

    "It can't be..."

    Lin Yan blinked in disbelief. This was indeed virtual reality?

    Although she had heard of such technology, this was the first time she experienced it. The feeling was incredible.

    Lin Yan, who was in the game, felt that this was reality. After all, it was too real.

    Before she could mull over her thoughts, she spotted a girl treading on a cloud before she landed gracefully before her.

    Lin Yan surveyed her appearance. She was wearing an ancient costume and had straight waist-long black hair. There was a red crescent in the middle of her eyebrows.

    "Please select your character. Everything has been saved for you."

    A bodiless voice spoke once more.

    Lin Yan sized up the girl in front of her in amazement.

    She was also a character?

    This was too unreal!

    Who was her boss exactly? Had he really invented this simulation game?

    If he were to introduce this game to the world, she was certain that all the players would go nuts.

    "Please enter the game," the voice reminded her.

    This fairy-lookalike girl was a character she had created. However, this was obviously her first time playing. She had barely stepped into this game as well. How could she possibly have the time to create her?

    Lin Yan threw her thoughts to the wind and pressed a colorful button beside her.

    "The game can't be continued, as you have deleted the character. Please create a new character and start at a new level," the system voice said.

    Lin Yan blinked in confusion as she stood rooted to the spot.

    When had she deleted the character?

    Lin Yan pondered quietly to herself before she sighed.

    Next to the start button was the delete button.

    They were connected.

    "This game is too sly." Lin Yan grumbled inaudibly.

    Fortunately, she spotted another button that would reinstate her previous move.

    Lin Yan acted by following the system's instructions.

    However, she discovered that the deleted character could not restore itself for a month. Thus, she had to create a new character.

    Helplessly, Lin Yan began to construct a new character.

    To her delight and surprise, she could construct a character based on her likes and preferences.

    She could dictate the gender, age, size, and every other aspect of the character.

    She could also sculpt the character's face accordingly.

    Lin Yan created three female characters who were ravishingly beautiful. If they were real, who knew how many men would get blown away by their looks?

    Lin Yan's eyes swiveled as she decided on her next unique character.

    She selected a male.

    He would weigh 150 kilos and possess extraordinary strength.

    Half an hour later, Lin Yan eyed the character with satisfaction and pride.

    His looks and figure made him resemble both a beast and a human.

    Although he looked fearsome, his twinkling eyes were adorable.

    Lin Yan promptly selected a name for this eccentric fat man.

    His surname would be Lin.

    His given name would be Get Rich.

    Lin Yan couldn't help but sigh. She could occupy herself for months just by creating characters. Who was the genius who had invented this game?
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