603 2,000 Gold Taels

    Lin Yan didn't bother explaining to the two characters. They had to be part of the game's setting.

    Besides, she had no wish to throw the girl into prison. Oppressing villagers and stealing girls hardly befitted her persona!

    If this had been some other game, she wouldn't have felt so agitated. However, this game was so real that it brought her consciousness into it. Hence, one could say that she was one of the characters right now.

    She wouldn't want to be an evil tyrant who was oppressing villagers and forcing innocent girls to marry her.

    "Son, throw her into prison and I will give you 2,000 gold taels!" the old man told Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan hurriedly shouted, "Throw this lass into prison!"

    Four guards marched in stiffly and dragged the female character away.

    "Get Rich Lin! You have committed many sins and killed my father! My father's apprentice will never let you get away!" the female character yelled hysterically.

    After the female character disappeared, the old man's eyes darted to Lin Yan. He nodded and said, "You are truly my son. You're mighty and handsome, talented and impressive. How can an ugly woman like her be worthy of you? Let me give you 2,000 gold taels."

    The man extended his hand and gave a banknote to Lin Yan.

    Soon, the elderly couple retreated out of the room.

    Lin Yan muttered to herself, "This game is so interesting..."

    She hazarded a guess that these gold taels should be the currency used by the game players.

    There weren't any tasks assigned to the player. After designing the characters, the player would have to explore on his or her own.

    Lin Yan realized that this virtual world had given her the utmost freedom. She could do anything and the default characters had high intelligence and could converse and interact with the players.

    She started by exploring the house first. She soon discovered that it was a huge, sprawling mansion and reached the conclusion that her character's parents were wealthy. She was a spoilt, overbearing son.

    She was curious and unclear about the limits of this game. She also wondered about the possibilities of this game.

    All she knew was that this game was set in ancient times.

    To understand more about the game, Lin Yan left the mansion and decided to walk around.

    "Master Get Rich, the streets are teeming with danger. You should choose a weapon first!"

    Lin Yan's path was obstructed by a middle-aged man. Behind him was a shop filled with weapons.

    She followed him swiftly.

    There was a huge assortment of weapons ranging from swords and daggers to spears.

    "Master Get Rich, this nine-tooth rake befits you!" The middle-aged man presented a rake to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "A thousand gold taels for this rake! Please pay!" he told Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan remained quiet.

    She pondered the possibility of declining payment.

    Besides, her character was supposed to be an unreasonable and overbearing tyrant.
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