604 Playing Her Persona Well

    Lin Yan deliberated for a moment as she glanced at the rake. She tried to test the middle-aged man. "Can I not pay?"

    The character's face fell. "Master Get Rich! I'm just running a small business here. To be fair to everyone, I don't accept outstanding payments!"

    Lin Yan grinned to herself and raised her hand to slap the middle-aged man.

    After the slap, Lin Yan smirked coldly. "Pfft! I will do whatever I want! I am a tyrant and I abduct girls and murder people! I will commit any crime that I like! Didn't you ask around about me? How dare you ask me to pay? I will kill you!"

    Lin Yan realized that the game character's expression had changed rapidly!

    Even the game characters could act really well!

    To her delight, other than playing a game, she could polish and improve on her acting. She would be able to use these characters in the game and not feel awkward or embarrassed!

    She had decided that she needed to play her persona well!

    What a joke! She had designed this character to be a bully and a tyrant. How could he possibly pay?

    She should send him flying with her nine-tooth rake!

    "Get Rich Lin... You're known for bullying and oppressing people. Your name stinks miles away! You will get your retribution!" The game character hissed furiously at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan sneered coldly in response. "How dare you! Look out for my rake!"

    She clenched the rake in her hands and prepared to strike the game character.

    However, she suddenly halted.

    According to her gaming experience, she might get punished for killing a character in the game...

    "I shall spare your life today!"

    Lin Yan gripped the rake and swung it over her shoulders before sauntering away.

    She entered another shop that was selling armor and appraised the armor in satisfaction.

    "Master Lin, that would be 3,500 gold coins." The boss beamed at her.

    Lin Yan smirked wryly at him before she slapped him.

    "Imprudent man! Haven't you heard of my name? I do whatever I want! How dare you ask me for money? How many heads do you have?" Lin Yan lectured the man, who had fallen to the ground.

    This felt... so damn good!

    How could she do anything she wanted in this game?

    Of course, even though the game seemed real, she didn't feel guilty. Besides, the system had selected this persona for her.

    In no time, all the shops in town had been wrecked or robbed by Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan took magic elixirs, weapons, and shields. If any of the characters dared to block her way, she would beat them up. She had to live up to her persona.


    After Lin Yan left the last shop, a dozen young good-looking men surrounded her.

    "He is Get Rich Lin! He forced my master's daughter to marry him!"

    "He is Get Rich Lin! He stole my uncle's weapon!"

    "He is Get Rich Lin! He stole my friend's armor!"

    Lin Yan was bewildered by them.

    "We are the disciples of the Heaven Sect. Our mission is to eliminate a tyrant and bully like you!"

    So she had offended the disciples of some random sect? Did they want to kill her?
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