605 Was It Fun?

    "Come on, useless men! I shall wallop all of you!" Lin Yan displayed her disdain for them. She had created her character to possess immense strength. Why would she be intimidated by them?

    "Damn it! How dare you be so smug! Aren't you going to surrender?" one of the young men bellowed.

    "My rake is ready for you!"

    Lin Yan raised her nine-tooth rake to strike the young man with all her force.

    Although Lin Yan's character was huge and fat, he was powerful. Hence, she could wield the massive rake with ease.

    "Ha! You're digging your own grave!"

    Another man brandished a long sword and aimed it at Lin Yan.

    She saw a light being emitted from that sharp sword.

    "What kind of game is this? Is it martial arts or fantasy? Or could this be a mythical game?"

    Lin Yan looked bewildered when she saw the light coming from the sword.

    Why hadn't her rake produced any special effects or power? That was unfair!

    The sword sliced through the armor that Lin Yan was wearing.

    Before Lin Yan could react, a pang of sharp pain hit her.

    "F*ck! No way!"

    Lin Yan was astounded.

    Wasn't this a game? Why did she feel such pain when she was being attacked by a game character?

    It was extremely painful, as though someone had really attacked and sliced her!

    Lin Yan suddenly realized that she was no match for them!

    Although they had come in a group, she wouldn't have been able to fend for herself even if there had only been one of them.

    The game characters could use amazing techniques. Their weapons had magical powers, while her rake was just ordinary!

    Every time she was wounded by them, the pain was excruciating. Who could withstand this?

    Lin Yan decided to exit the game hastily.


    The system replied coolly, "You can't exit the game in the midst of a battle."

    Lin Yan was speechless. F*ck!

    This game was corrupt! Would she only be able to exit after she was chopped to death?

    "Hold on!"

    Suddenly, Lin Yan yelled as she waved a banknote frantically. "Masters! Heroes! Let's put our feud aside. Stop attacking me and split this money!"

    One of them hissed, "Assh*le! How dare you humiliate us?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    He shouted, "We want your life!"

    F*ck! They couldn't be bought with money?

    "Spare me!" Lin Yan yelled as she fled.

    However, she wasn't fast enough. In no time, she was surrounded by them again.

    Lin Yan was dead before she could take a few more breaths.

    "Failures are common. Hero, please try again..."

    Lin Yan swore that she would never be a tyrant again! The lesson had been too painful!

    When she opened her eyes once more, she had exited the game.

    Soon, the doors of the game cabin slid open.

    "Was it fun?" The man with the green eyes gazed at her as he asked her this question.

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched...

    It was fun, but the pain had been unbearable!

    "Boss, did you create this game?" Lin Yan studied the man intently.
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