607 Because Its Dangerous


    Lin Yan was startled by his words.

    There were many players?

    Why hadn't she seen any?

    This game couldn't have gone public yet!

    If it had, she was certain that the whole world would have known.

    "You don't know a great deal of things. You don't have to be so curious right now. You will find out in due course," the man replied with a rare smile.

    If he hadn't phrased it in such a way, perhaps Lin Yan wouldn't have been so intrigued.

    Could there be a secret behind the game?

    How could he stop her from being curious? Didn't he know that other than cats, women were the most curious creatures?

    The more the man refused to tell her, the more she wanted to ask.

    "Boss! Boss... Master... Please tell me..." Lin Yan implored the man earnestly.

    The man massaged his temples as he scanned Lin Yan's face with a frown. "You have a lot of curiosity."

    Lin Yan chuckled softly. "I'm merely trying to understand the company's operations. This will help me work harder for the company!"

    "What do you want to know?" the man asked, looking defeated.

    "Players! Where are the players? I didn't meet anyone at all. If I had, I wouldn't have died!" Lin Yan said hurriedly.

    "How could you escape death?" asked the man.

    "I could give the players money to help me defeat the characters," Lin Yan replied smugly.

    The man mulled over her words for some time. Gravely, he raised his head and answered, "This game isn't like the games you've played before."

    Lin Yan certainly knew that it was different.

    She had played games for years and she could master any game in days. However, she had hardly fallen in love with any of the games that she had played before. She was willing to play this simulation game for the rest of her life!

    "Ordinary players will stay hidden. Perhaps one of the characters was a player. You can never tell," the man explained.

    "Hidden? Why would they hide?" Lin Yan couldn't comprehend.

    "Because it's dangerous," answered the man in a silky voice.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    After beating around the bush, she still had no idea why the game was dangerous.

    "Most of the top players have their own camps. In the game, they are usually the most dangerous. Hence, it's not a bad thing if you didn't meet any," the man answered.

    Then, he clamped his mouth shut no matter how hard Lin Yan tried to entice him to explain more.

    In the end, Lin Yan could only give up.

    She would still have many opportunities in the future. Even if he didn't want to tell her, she was confident that she would be able to figure it out.


    After Lin Yan got back to Cloud Manor, she began to research more about virtual reality and simulation games. However, her search yielded no results.

    Lin Yan got suspicious. This game was revolutionary. It could be a pioneer in a whole new genre of games. Even if it wasn't ready, it wasn't possible that no results were generated by her research.

    What was going on?
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