606 It Could Be an Error

    The man's green eyes sparkled quietly as he sized Lin Yan up. With a smile, he replied, "Of course not."

    "Boss, this game is so real! And this cabin... When I was being attacked by the characters, I felt the pain as well!" Lin Yan was still savoring the experience.

    The man nodded and glanced at her. "The cabin is meant to help the players enter deep sleep. The helmet accesses the player's brain and the central nervous system in their sleep. To put it simply, your consciousness enters the game along with your perception and feelings. Hence, you will naturally feel pain."

    Lin Yan stared at the man in silence.

    She didn't understand what he had said.

    However, the game and the actual world weren't very different and that was what amazed and attracted Lin Yan the most.

    "The game will reflect a part of reality too."

    The man smiled wryly at Lin Yan.

    "The game will reflect a part of reality?"

    Lin Yan chuckled in amusement at the man's words. How could that happen?

    How could she be a shameless and amoral tyrant in real life?

    However, the man's words had seeped into Lin Yan's mind.

    "Oh yeah." Suddenly, Lin Yan recalled something. "Boss, shouldn't you register for an account or something for a game like this?"

    "There is no need," the man expounded placidly, "The game cabin and helmet will access the player's mind. Once the player enters the game, the account is connected to the player. Hence, everything in the game belongs to the player."

    Lin Yan was taken aback by his explanation. "Oh no... When I played the game earlier, the system informed me that it already had a character set for me. The system also told me that it would recall the characters I created..."

    The man's eyes gleamed in response at the puzzled-looking Lin Yan.

    He mulled over her words for some time. "It could be an error."


    It was the first time that she had tried such a realistic game and she didn't understand the game entirely. Hence, she accepted her boss's explanation.

    "Boss, this game is so magical and fun... Can I try it again?" Lin Yan looked eager and excited.

    She had been misinformed by the system, which had led her to create a villain as her character. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been hacked to death.

    "Take a break." The man glanced at Lin Yan and replied, "You've died in the game, so you need to rest. It isn't wise to continue."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Although the man seemed to be insinuating something, she was still feeling fine and energetic. Why would she need to rest?

    She wasn't the one who was dead. It was the character.

    "If this game could include more players, it would be more fun." Lin Yan couldn't help but sigh.

    It was thrilling and fun, but she could only interact with the virtual characters. Something was missing...

    "You might have misunderstood something about the game."

    The man's eyes glinted again. "There are many players in the game."
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