608 An Unexpected Call

    Lin Yan had to cast that question aside, as she had to rush to work.

    After the news that she had joined the cast of Legend was announced, Sister Ling had arranged for her to begin to work once more.

    An artist like her couldn't hope to shine at Summit Entertainment, which was already teeming with popular and talented top artists. However, she had received better treatment due to her new company and her new role in this highly-anticipated movie. Thanks to her success in Meeting One's Match, her income had substantially increased along with the quality of the work allocated to her.

    Hence, Lin Yan rather enjoyed herself.

    She had earned much more money lately and started a lucrative part-time job as a translator. She would have some money left for herself after donating a portion and giving the rest of her money to her mother. She planned to get a car.

    She did not wish to touch Sister Ling's car...

    However, she certainly wouldn't get a new one. She had excellent bargaining skills, so in the end... she got a second-hand car at a bargain.

    She was an expert at vehicles and the seller had assumed that she was a spy sent from their rival. Hence, in the end, they sent her off with relief.

    Lin Yan then went to source for car parts and reassemble them. In the end, the entire worn-out car had been modified to fit her style.

    Modifying a car was addictive. At last, due to her thriftiness and limited funds, she had to stop herself from doing too much.

    Lin Yan drove home happily in her new car when she received an unexpected call.

    She was taken aback when she saw the name of the caller...

    Lin Yuetong...

    She had forgotten how long it had been since her father had last contacted her. Why would he call her today?

    She was curious to find out why.

    Could her father be calling to lecture her about stealing Lin Shuya's role?

    Lin Yan chuckled as she answered the call.

    Lin Yuetong's deep and hoarse voice was heard. "Xiaoyan, come to the Swish Club in half an hour."

    The Swish Club?

    That was the capital city's most expensive and luxurious private club. The membership cost at least millions of yuan and it was exceedingly exclusive due to their strict criteria.

    Lin Yan grinned in response. "Sorry, President Lin, but I'm not qualified to enter that club."

    Lin Yuetong was impatient, but he still replied calmly, "When you reach the entrance, someone will bring you in. I have to speak to you about something. Neaten yourself up before you come."

    Lin Yuetong had to speak to her? Plus, he sounded so serious.

    How rare was that?

    Lin Yan's curiosity was piqued.

    She had claimed to her mysterious boss that she was as curious as a cat, which was true.

    Lin Yuetong's unexpected and bizarre call had intrigued her.

    Furthermore, this was the Swish Club. A meal there would cost an astronomical figure. She could go there for a free meal!

    Lin Yan studied her outfit in satisfaction. Due to work, she had put on makeup and dressed up properly. Hence, she could skip the hassle of changing her outfit.

    She changed direction and made her way to the Swish Club...
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