609 Nothing Going On?

    At the Swish Club...

    Lin Yan informed Lin Yuetong when she got there. Minutes later, a young man walked towards her.

    "Hi. Are you Miss Lin Yan?"

    "That's me."

    He cast a quizzical glance at the old, battered car behind Lin Yan, looking conflicted.

    "Alright, Miss Lin. Please follow me." Due to his training and experience as a waiter, his expression didn't betray his emotions.

    Lin Yan followed the waiter and got into the elevator. They reached the highest level and walked out to the VIP private room.

    The interior was sleek and posh and it had all kinds of entertainment. A group of guests who looked as though they were rich bosses were conversing and drinking. A plump man in his fifties was singing horribly with a microphone, yet the audience was applauding.

    Lin Yan scanned the room briefly and recognized many faces of the entertainment industry. It seemed that this event was quite exclusive.

    She also spotted Pei Nanxu, who was sitting on the couch!

    He was dressed casually as he sat comfortably on the couch. There was a warm smile on his face that seemed to light up the entire room.

    Lin Yan rubbed her eyes in disbelief. After taking a second look, she was certain that it was Pei Nanxu. The president of Summit Entertainment, Chu Jiayao, was beside him and the two of them were talking to a middle-aged man.

    The middle-aged man looked familiar too. He seemed to be a director.

    What a coincidence that she had met Pei Nanxu at an event like this!

    Pei Nanxu didn't stay at the mansion very much. Ever since Pei Yucheng had left for his work trip, he hadn't come home at all. Lin Yan hadn't seen him in days.

    To think that she would bump into him here...

    This wasn't a wasted trip!

    Lin Yan wanted to take a closer look at him, but Lin Yuetong suddenly loomed before her.

    "Why did you take so long?" Lin Yuetong frowned at Lin Yan.

    After being scolded by Sister Ling, she had decided to tone it down and drive safely.

    Lin Yan didn't beat around the bush. She asked curtly, "What is the matter?"

    Lin Yuetong surveyed Lin Yan from head to toe and appraised her outfit. Satisfied, he said gruffly, "Follow me. I want to introduce someone to you."

    He pulled Lin Yan towards the man who was singing.

    Pei Nanxu, who had noticed Lin Yan at the same time, was surprised to see her.

    Lin Yuetong...

    He had to be Lin Yan's father.

    Pei Nanxu's face hardened when he saw Lin Yuetong pulling Lin Yan towards Yang Baixiong.

    "Nanxu! Isn't that your underground girlfriend? Your father-in-law doesn't seem to have kind intentions!" Chu Jiayao's eyes followed Pei Nanxu's gaze as he whispered into his ear.

    Pei Nanxu coughed violently before he replied, "President Chu, I have said this many times. My relationship with Miss Lin isn't what you've assumed."

    Chu Jiayao smiled wryly. "It isn't what I've assumed? I would be an idiot if I believed that you were related to her!"

    Pei Nanxu was speechless... That was the truth...

    Chu Jiayao grinned wickedly and reeled off. "Besides, do you think that I'm blind? Your expression betrayed you the moment she appeared. Why are you so nervous if nothing is going on?"
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