610 A Family?

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    He hadn't said that there was nothing going on between them. In fact, their relationship wasn't ordinary and it would send waves of shock across the entire entertainment industry...

    Pei Nanxu was too tired to explain so he continued to gaze in the direction of Lin Yan. He was afraid that something might happen.

    He had heard of Lin Yuetong and Lin Yan's relationship. How could Lin Yuetong be so kind as to invite Lin Yan to dinner? Just like Chu Jiayao had guessed, Lin Yuetong had to be up to no good.

    Lin Yuetong walked over to Yang Baixiong and beckoned to Lin Yan. "Xiaoyan, come here. This is President Yang, the boss of Achieve International Media!"

    Lin Yan raised an eyebrow at the mention of Yang Baixiong's name. He was the boss of Achieve International Media?

    His name was famous in the industry.

    Instead of bringing Lin Shuya here, Lin Yuetong had brought her. He had even introduced Yang Baixiong to her?

    He had evil intentions... What was Lin Yuetong plotting?

    Yang Baixiong admired the wine glass in his hand without glancing at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yuetong pressed on and raised his voice. "President Yang, this is my oldest daughter, Lin Yan."

    Yang Baixiong finally glanced at Lin Yan casually. His murky eyes lit up with interest after he scrutinized her appearance.

    Yang Baixiong looked more alert as he quipped, "I thought that Shuya was already very pretty. To think that you have hidden another beautiful daughter!"

    Lin Yuetong heaved a sigh of relief when Yang Baixiong's attitude softened. "President Yang, that's so kind of you. This daughter of mine can't be compared to Shuya. I hope that you can guide her well."

    Yang Baixiong's eyes roved over Lin Yan once more as he snorted. "I don't guide any random person."

    Lin Yuetong chuckled. "Yeah, I know. Perhaps we will be a family in the future!"

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows in response.

    A family?

    What was going on?

    Seconds later, Lin Yan finally understood what he meant.

    This was a match-making session!

    Yang Baixiong was older than Lin Yuetong and he had gotten divorced several times. He had six sons and three daughters. His youngest daughter should be the same age as her...

    It was rumored that Yang Baixiong had abused his wives physically and some had been seriously injured. His last wife had almost died and he'd had to hush the matter with a huge amount of money.

    Lin Yuetong had indeed made a lot of effort today. He hadn't cared about her for so many years, yet he had asked to meet her today. A moment later, he had tried to introduce her to a man who was old enough to be her father and was known to be a perverted, violent man.

    His 'fatherly love' really overwhelmed her.

    Yang Baixiong appraised Lin Yan from head to toe as though she was an item he wanted to purchase. He quipped airily, "Lin Yan... Miss Lin... You've been very popular recently. I've heard about you..."

    Yang Baixiong reeled off with a meaningful look in his eyes, "Chairman Lin, my family is a reputable and prestigious one and we are quite traditional..."
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