611 Inheriting His Money?

    Naturally, Lin Yuetong understood Yang Baixiong's underlying meaning. He was implying that Lin Yan was infamous for her scandals and messy relationships.

    He glanced at Lin Yan with annoyance before hitching a bright smile on his face. "President Yang, I understand what you mean. My daughter was indeed quite playful in the past, but don't worry. After she gets married, she will retire from the entertainment industry and become a housewife. She will devote her time to her family and husband."

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched horribly. She had been wrong. This wasn't merely a match-making session. Her father was forcing her to get married without consulting her.

    When Yang Baixiong heard Lin Yuetong, he looked as though it was only right and natural for Lin Yan to do that. He asked casually, "Miss Lin, how old are you? Which university did you go to?"

    Lin Yuetong looked awkward when he heard Yang Baixiong's question. Yang Baixiong trudged on. "If I remember correctly, your daughter didn't attend university and she dropped out of school? A mother's genes will affect the next generation."

    Lin Yan was utterly blown away.

    The next generation...

    He was already so advanced in age and had so many illegitimate children. Now, he wanted more?

    "My daughter left with her mother after I got a divorce. She was spoiled by her mother, so I'm afraid that I will have to trouble you with the task of guiding her in the future." Lin Yuetong simply pushed the blame on Lin Yan's mother.

    "As long as she is obedient, guiding her won't be a problem... But her mother..." Contempt blazed in Yang Baixiong's eyes. "If Miss Lin marries me, she has to sever all ties with her mother and her family. Chairman Lin, you should know that a promiscuous woman won't be able to raise a daughter well."

    Lin Yan's face, which had originally been impassive, hardened instantly when she heard Yang Baixiong.

    Lin Yuetong agreed readily. "President Yang, you're right. If Xiaoyan gets married, I will forbid her to contact her mother. Please rest assured about that."

    "Ha..." Lin Yan chuckled with mirth.

    "Why are you laughing?" Lin Yuetong was puzzled and displeased.

    "I was laughing at you. What an ingenious scheme," replied Lin Yan.

    "Scheme? What kind of scheme?" Lin Yuetong hissed angrily.

    A grin appeared on Lin Yan's face as she sized up Yang Baixiong. She then replied, "President Yang... My father wants me to marry you so that I can inherit your money!"

    "You! You... What are you talking about?" Yang Baixiong spluttered and almost fainted from shock. She had scorned him and even cursed him to die soon.

    Lin Yuetong jerked in horror at Lin Yan's accusations and bellowed, "Lin Yan, are you nuts? What kind of nonsense are you spouting?"

    There was no warmth in Lin Yan's eyes. "Lin Yuetong, you are the crazy one. Who gives you the right to make decisions about my marriage?"

    Lin Yuetong was livid. "I'm your father and you're my daughter. My blood flows inside of you and a marriage should be arranged by the parents. This has been the right and proper way since ancient times. How can you have a say in your own marriage?"

    Lin Yan chuckled coldly. "Why do I recall that you disowned me ages ago?"

    When she had pleaded with him to save Lin Shuya, who had been grievously ill, he had left her outside in the pouring rain because she had lambasted his first love. He had reprimanded her and her mother for being burdens...
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