612 She Was Forced to Get Married

    Lin Yuetong was enraged as he yelled, "Lin Yan! Don't be rude and imprudent! Do you think I want to bother with your affairs? You've learned nothing by staying with your mother! What have you achieved? You have shamed me!

    If it wasn't for Shuya, do you think I would care about you? You're a girl and you aren't studying or holding a proper job. In that case, you have to get married!"

    She had never expected that Lin Shuya would be involved in this matter...

    Lin Yan scoffed aloud. "You want me to get married to a pervert and abuser like him? You're truly my father!"

    Yang Baixiong had never been this furious, as no one had ever condemned him in this way. With a murderous gleam in his eyes, he glared at Lin Yuetong. "Chairman Lin, you've brought up your daughter well!"

    Across the room was a huge, luxurious couch with a marble coffee table. Several guests were huddled together, engaged in hushed whispers as they glanced at the commotion surreptitiously.

    "Is that Lin Yan from Meeting One's Match? What is she up to today?"

    "What else could it be? Lin Yuetong wants his daughter to be with Yang Baixiong, but she isn't very willing and she has fallen out with him!"

    "What? She is really that gutsy? Who would dare to offend Yang Baixiong?"


    Lin Yuetong glared at Lin Yan as anger boiled inside of him. He dragged Lin Yan to a corner and hissed in her ear. "Lin Yan, shut up! If you are obedient, why would he abuse you? Anyway, it's perfectly normal for a man to use force occasionally.

    What's bad about President Yang? He is merely a little old. Since he is already divorced, you will have a proper status. You won't have to lift a finger or worry about money if you marry him. Countless women are fighting to be in your position, yet you're saying no?"

    Lin Yan scoffed when Lin Yuetong spoke as though this was a tremendous blessing. "Why don't you offer this to Lin Shuya?"

    Lin Yuetong inhaled deeply as he shook with rage. "How dare you mention Shuya! You didn't graduate from school and you have a horrible reputation in the industry. If it wasn't for me, would you be able to meet someone like Yang Baixiong?

    Don't be so stubborn! With your reputation, who would want to marry you? Don't tell me you dream of marrying an eligible guy like Han Yixuan? That would be ridiculous!"

    Lin Yuetong commanded her gravely, "Apologize to President Yang right away! Don't you dare implicate me. I'm warning you, no one can save you if you offend Yang Baixiong."

    Lin Yan had heard of the sort of man Yang Baixiong was.

    He was exceedingly arrogant and mean and he bore grudges. He was known to be merciless and cruel, so no one dared to provoke him.

    It would be impossible to escape unscathed if anyone offended him.

    The guests were all quietly observing the situation, but no one stepped up to help her.

    Lin Yan was about to retort when a familiar voice greeted her. "Miss Lin!"

    Pei Nanxu...

    He strode briskly towards her with a charming, warm smile. "Miss Lin, what a coincidence to meet you here!"
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