613 Dont Ever Tell Your Brother I Had a Match-Making Session

    Lin Yan was momentarily startled as she hurriedly responded, "Hi, Mr. Pei!"

    She had to go along with the act under the circumstances.

    Pei Nanxu glanced swiftly at Lin Yuetong and Yang Baixiong. He then told Lin Yan, "I have some work-related matters to discuss with you. Miss Lin, are you free now?"

    There was no way that Lin Yan would reject her idol. "Certainly! I have time!"

    Pei Nanxu nodded at Lin Yuetong and Yang Baixiong to acknowledge their presence. He then led Lin Yan to the couch in the corner of the room.

    It had never occurred to Lin Yuetong that Pei Nanxu would get implicated in this. Thus, his face fell.

    He recalled that his daughter seemed to have been involved in a scandal with Pei Nanxu previously...

    Was there something going on between Xiaoyan and Pei Nanxu?

    However, Lin Yuetong squashed that thought instantly. His daughter had to be using him to boost her popularity.

    Pei Nanxu and Lin Yan were working with the same company and had acted in the same movie. Perhaps Pei Nanxu really had something to discuss with her.

    Regardless of whether Pei Nanxu was trying to help or had something to say to Lin Yan, he had to show him respect.

    Although Pei Nanxu was a celebrity and he didn't wield any power in the JM Corporation, he was still a part of the Pei family.

    Yang Baixiong's face hardened when Lin Yan ignored him and left with Pei Nanxu.

    Lin Yuetong had to appease Yang Baixiong. "President Yang, don't lower yourself to her level. I will definitely lecture her about this!"

    "Forget it! Your daughter seems too haughty and ambitious. As a man who has been through several divorces, I'm afraid that I'm unworthy of her!" Yang Baixiong sneered coldly.

    "President Yang, how could you say that? Don't worry, I will make her apologize to you later. No matter what you want her to do, I will ensure that she does it until your anger is appeased!" Lin Yuetong replied solemnly.


    Chu Jiayao observed with a grin as Pei Nanxu extricated Lin Yan from her predicament. His eyes narrowed meaningfully at the same time.

    Pei Nanxu ignored Chu Jiayao's gaze and led Lin Yan to the couch. He got her a glass of water and asked softly, "Sister... Miss Lin, what happened?"

    Lin Yan sighed. "As you saw, my father arranged a match-making session for me with President Yang..."

    Pei Nanxu had already expected it, yet his face still darkened. "Yang Baixiong is old enough to be your father and he has several children. He is also known to be violent, and his name stinks in the industry. How could your father introduce you to someone as awful as him?"

    Lin Yan shrugged, looking unconcerned. "On the contrary, he believes that I am fortunate to be able to marry Yang Baixiong since I have such a horrible reputation."

    Pei Nanxu was outraged. "Your father is too much! He is condemning you to hell by doing that. If he really meant well, he would have chosen a good and kind man instead of someone like Yang Baixiong!"

    Lin Yan was touched when her beloved idol said that. He was an angel who was good-looking, kind, and righteous!

    Pei Nanxu frowned at her. "How do you intend to rectify this situation? Yang Baixiong isn't easy to deal with and he bears grudges. You have shamed him in public, so he won't let you off the hook!"
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