614 Welcoming an Esteemed And Rare Gues

    Pei Nanxu knew that he was in no position to interfere with her affairs, as it could cause another scandal. That would only implicate Lin Yan and make things worse for her.

    Besides, even if he managed to extricate her today, it would only be a temporary solution.

    If he wasn't around, Yang Baixiong would certainly cause her trouble...

    "Don't worry. I'll worry when the time comes. Thank you for helping me just now, Mr. Pei. I will handle the rest myself," Lin Yan replied, looking composed.

    She had no wish to implicate Pei Nanxu in her affairs, as things would turn ugly.

    Actually, she was quite curious. Why would Lin Yuetong have the guts to introduce Yang Baixiong to her? Wasn't he afraid that she would cripple that violent pervert instead?

    Something struck Lin Yan suddenly and she glanced at Pei Nanxu anxiously. "Ahem... Mr. Pei, don't tell your brother about this matter! Although this was planned by my father, he would be furious if he knew that I came to a match-making session..."

    "Hmmm..." Pei Nanxu scratched his nose, looking worried and conflicted.

    Before he could respond, the doors, which had originally been shut, suddenly swung open swiftly.

    Lin Yan's eyes almost popped out of her sockets when she caught a glimpse of the man...

    The man was wearing a huge black coat over a well-fitted vintage suit and a checked shirt underneath. His cuff links sparkled brilliantly as they caught the light, while a pair of shrewd and mysterious-looking eyes gleamed behind his gold-framed spectacles.

    His face, which seemed sculpted by God himself, was aloof and cold. Instantly, the room seemed to freeze in silence...

    Pei... Pei Yucheng?

    Lin Yan coughed violently and almost bit her tongue.

    What kind of luck did she have? Speak of the devil!

    Wasn't Pei Yucheng supposed to be on a work trip? Why would he come back abruptly and appear here?

    This was undoubtedly an exclusive event meant for the influential and the rich, but Pei Yucheng wouldn't have bothered to attend such an event.

    Lin Yan cast a glance at Pei Nanxu surreptitiously.

    Pei Nanxu coughed softly and avoided meeting Lin Yan's eyes.

    How could he not inform his brother when something this huge had happened?

    Actually, he couldn't understand why Big Brother had come back earlier than expected. Big Brother was not supposed to be back until a few days later. When he had notified him earlier on, he had just landed and decided to rush here.

    Everyone in the room was also stunned by his appearance.

    The organizer of the event was Cai Hongan, a property magnate. He had met Pei Yucheng at a couple of functions and thus recognized him instantly.

    "President Pei?"

    Cai Hongan's hand trembled badly and he spilled his wine. He rose hastily and staggered to his feet.

    All the guests were dumbfounded when they heard Cai Hongan.

    "F*ck! President Pei? Which President Pei? Pei Yucheng?"

    "Are you kidding? Pei Yucheng? The president of JM Corporation?"

    Cai Hongan's smile widened substantially as he ambled over to the man nervously. "President Pei! It's you indeed! What brings you here? Your presence has brightened this place!"

    Cai Hongan hadn't invited Pei Yucheng, as he wasn't qualified to do so. Hence, he had no idea why an influential and rare guest like Pei Yucheng would appear today. His heart was pounding violently against his chest.

    "President Pei... I wonder why you are here..." Cai Hongan said cautiously.
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