618 Her Persona As His Girlfriend Couldnt Be Destroyed

    When the pair of sisters strode towards them, Lin Yan's heart pounded frantically.

    Although the room was dim and the coffee table concealed them well, anyone could still spot them under the table if they were observant enough.

    Pei Yucheng raised his head slightly as he scanned the pair of girls briefly. They blushed instantly at his gaze.

    The younger sister, Zhong Xiaowei, glanced at Lin Yan with a pair of eyes filled with hatred and contempt. She put on a sweet smile and said, "Lin Yan, please move aside."

    Lin Yan, whose name had been called, was speechless...

    She could also give up her seat!

    She was too terrified of this seat!

    Lin Yan almost blurted out these words eagerly when she felt the man increase the pressure of his hand on her thigh slowly...

    Damn it!

    Lin Yan stole a furtive glance at Pei Yucheng, but he remained unruffled.

    She felt that if Pei Yucheng were to enter the entertainment industry, he could clinch an Oscar...

    No one in this room would have thought of the things this man was doing...

    Lin Yan grimaced in dismay as she replied, "I can't..."

    As Pei Yucheng's girlfriend, how could she give up her seat to a woman who was trying to seduce her boyfriend?

    Her persona as his girlfriend couldn't be destroyed!

    Zhong Xiaowei froze at her answer, while Zhong Xuening's face darkened.

    There were plenty of popular actresses present, and everyone was hatching little schemes in their heads.

    After all, this man was the powerful and influential Pei Yucheng!

    This opportunity was too rare to be missed!

    Who wouldn't want to try their luck?

    Lin Yan, Zhong Xiaowei, and Zhong Xuening were working for the same company. Lin Yan was considered a junior, as she had entered the company after them.

    Under the circumstances, she was aware that the sisters wanted to strike up a conversation with Pei Yucheng. Any wise person would have obliged to their request.

    Who would have expected that Lin Yan would reject them?

    Who was she? How dare she have the gall to sit beside Pei Yucheng! How was she worthy?

    Lin Yan conjured a lame excuse. "My leg is hurt and I can't move."

    This excuse was too feeble.

    However, the sisters had to act like gentle and understanding ladies. Thus, they couldn't expose her. They just had to smile politely. "In that case, it's fine..."

    The sisters retreated grudgingly to their seats.

    Zhong Xuening said aloud, "Lin Yan, you should look for President Yang."

    Lin Yan didn't respond.

    Zhong Xiaowei stomped furiously as she hissed under her breath. "That woman is atrocious! What kind of luck does she have for Pei Yucheng to sit beside her? Now she is practically grabbing on to that seat. How could a person like her dream of seducing Pei Yucheng?"

    The rest of the actresses scoffed aloud. "She is a toad lusting after a swan. Shouldn't she look at her reflection?"

    Lin Yuetong was lingering around Yang Baixiong as he fawned over him.

    "President Yang, I had no idea you had a collaboration with JM Corporation! Achieve International Media is really capable!"

    In reality, Achieve International Media was also qualified to bid for the project. However, no one knew if they would succeed.

    Nevertheless, Lin Yuetong's words had pleased Yang Baixiong.

    "President Yang, we will be a family soon. If you manage to invite President Pei, can you invite us too?" Lin Yuetong pressed on.
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