619 An Apology?

    Yang Baixiong assumed a haughty manner and his plump cheeks shook as he scoffed. "A family? Chairman Lin, don't announce this yet! I dare not say that I'm worthy enough to become part of your family."

    He trudged on as he appraised Lin Yan. "Ha ha... A beautiful young lady like Miss Lin wouldn't want an old man like me!"

    Lin Yuetong glared at Lin Yan for a moment before he put on a fawning smile. "President Yang, you must be joking! That daughter of mine would be so fortunate if she was able to marry a capable and brilliant man like you! That would be a sum of the blessings she accumulated in her previous lifetimes! To be frank, she is the one who isn't worthy enough. I regret that I didn't teach her well."

    Lin Yuetong shuddered as he felt a chill traveling down his spine.

    What was going on? A cold wind seemed to be blowing...

    Meanwhile, a few guests chimed in. "Indeed, Miss Lin's reputation has spread. This kind of woman is the hardest to tame. However, given President Yang's capability, it shouldn't be a problem!"

    Zhong Xiaowei chuckled slyly. "President Yang, women like Lin Yan don't have a good upbringing. Plus, she is wild and reckless. I think that she isn't good enough for you. She is fortunate to be favored by a man like you."

    "I heard that she used to seduce all the handsome, tall, and young rich guys! She should reflect on herself!" Zhong Xuening pressed on vehemently.

    "Yeah! Which handsome, tall, and rich guy would fall for her? She isn't fit to be a fling, let alone a wife. Ha ha... Chairman Lin, don't blame us for being frank. We are just stating the facts. Lin Yan is worlds apart from your other daughter, Lin Shuya."

    Lin Yuetong sighed in defeat. If only Lin Yan was a fraction of Lin Shuya, then things wouldn't be so dire. He forced a smile and quipped, "It's fine. You are saying it for her own good."

    Zhong Xiaowei nodded in agreement. "President Yang is right. Lin Yan should be aware of her own flaws. If she is not, she won't even know what is happening to her."

    Lin Yuetong was burning with anger deep inside. He had racked his brains to get a good match for Lin Yan, yet she had ruined everything.

    The daughter that He Muyun had taught was useless and weak. She had also implicated him.

    Lin Yuetong suppressed his anger and told Yang Baixiong, "My daughter has been spoiled by her mother. She is too disobedient and reckless with her words. She has offended you..."

    He shot a murderous glare at Lin Yan. "Xiaoyan! Come and apologize to President Yang right now!"

    Lin Yan had humiliated and shamed Yang Baixiong in public. The only way to appease his anger would be to make things right by inflating his ego.

    Yang Baixiong wasn't the kind of man who would let a grudge slide. Lin Yan had reproached him so publicly today that he had sworn to teach her a lesson. Tipsy, he raised a glass and yelled, "An apology? Is that enough?"

    Lin Yuetong smiled brightly and replied, "President Yang, an apology needs to be sincere. It's necessary. I wonder what would appease you?"

    Yang Baixiong snorted loudly as he beckoned to a waiter. "Get a bottle of Everclear!"

    "Right away, President Yang." Soon, the waiter came back with the bottle.
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