620 Boss, Please Calm Down!

    Yang Baixiong's murky-looking eyes shone viciously. His face darkened as he feigned magnanimity. "In that case, if Miss Lin is truly sorry, finish this entire bottle. If you can do it, I shall consider it an apology and reluctantly give you a second chance!"

    Yang Baixiong's tone was full of scorn. The real mistress of the Lin family was Lin Shuya. She was merely a pretty actress. How dare she humiliate him!

    She had even dared to reject him. Hadn't she heard of his name?

    In the end, she still had to appease him and admit that she was wrong!

    Once he married this woman, he would have plenty of methods to subdue her.

    Lin Yan raised her head and glanced at Yang Baixiong in defeat and fear.

    Could he not implicate her?

    If her boyfriend's identity were to be revealed, everyone in this room would be finished!

    Lin Yuetong noticed that Lin Yan didn't move. Displeased, he urged her. "What are you doing? President Yang is asking you to drink as a form of apology! Why are you so stubborn?"

    Lin Yan was trying to carefully cover Pei Yucheng's hand with her clothes as she glanced at that bottle.

    It was one of the strongest kinds of alcohol.

    Ordinary people might not be able to stomach a mouthful, yet he wanted a girl to finish the entire bottle?

    Lin Yan would be fine drinking the entire bottle given her constitution. If another person were to do so, he or she might die.

    She was still thinking about her next step when the rhythmic tapping on her thigh disrupted her thoughts.

    Damn it!

    Boss, what kind of habit was this?

    Lin Yan grabbed Pei Yucheng's hand.

    Boss, she had been wrong! She was truly sorry!

    Please calm down!

    Pei Yucheng studied the girl's hand, which was pressing down on his, and chuckled. He complied and stopped moving. The iciness in his eyes dissipated a little.

    Pei Yucheng asked, "Perhaps you don't need this kind of father?"

    Lin Yan's heart skipped a beat when she heard him. Was he thinking of making her father vanish?

    Lin Yan hesitated and stammered, "Errr... No... I don't need a father like him. Then... Do you want to be my father?"

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...

    He chuckled gently and whispered, "It's possible if you like that sort of thing."

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    She didn't, thank you!

    In the private room, all the guests were sitting as they waited in anticipation for the drama to unfold.

    "Tsk... I have long heard of how callous and cruel Yang Baixiong is. He truly lives up to his name. I heard that he crippled some of his ex-wives!"

    "It's Lin Yan's fault for being an idiot! How dare she try to be picky? She should pray to the gods that anyone was willing to marry her!"

    "She had to offend Yang Baixiong of all people! She deserves it! Let's see how smug she will be after today!"


    Yang Baixiong, who hadn't expected that Lin Yan would continue to be so stubborn and refuse to budge, sauntered clumsily over to Lin Yan with the bottle of wine.

    Upon seeing that Yang Baixiong was about to erupt, Zhong Xiaowei and Zhong Xuening clasped their hands with glee.

    "Sister, the show is about to start! Lin Yan is dead!"

    "Ha! What a pity! Is she naive or dumb?"
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