624 Your Sister-In-Law Is Coming To Pick Me Up

    Yang Baixiong was halfway through the bottle when he collapsed on the floor.

    Everyone went dead-silent in the room.

    At last, Cai Hongan came to smooth things over. "Ahem... President Yang is drunk. Let's get him home."

    Lin Yuetong glared at Lin Yan but said nothing.

    Everyone came to the conclusion that Yang Baixiong was drunk and wasn't in the right frame of mind.

    This fiasco was finally over.

    Lin Yan relinquished her grip on Pei Yucheng's hand. "Mr. Pei, how are you going back? Did you drive, or do you want to go home with your brother? Oh yeah, I bought a car today. Do you want me to take you back?"

    Lin Yan sounded excited at the mention of her new car.

    Pei Yucheng replied, "Okay."

    Lin Yan quipped, "Okay! I'll go get my car. Let's wait till after everyone is gone. I have to trouble you to stay at the entrance and wait for me."


    Zhong Xiaowei and Zhong Xuening looked mightily upset as they marched out of the club.

    Zhong Xuening was still doubtful as she asked, "What was wrong with Yang Baixiong?"

    Zhong Xiaowei sneered coldly. "Sister, President Yang must have been drunk. How could he kneel in front of Lin Yan if he wasn't? That b*tch got lucky!"

    They hadn't managed to get revenge on Lin Yan, so they bore a grudge.

    Zhong Xuening smirked. "It was just one time! After Yang Baixiong regains his consciousness, he won't let her off! Don't think about that woman. Let's follow President Pei!"

    "Oh yeah! Sister, you're right! We have to talk to President Pei today! It's such a rare opportunity!" Zhong Xiaowei nodded as she ran after Zhong Xuening.

    They had a chance to talk to their boss today! How could they miss it?

    It was that b*tch Lin Yan's fault! If she hadn't clung on to that seat, they would have struck up a conversation earlier.

    At the entrance of the club...

    Cai Hongan said in a groveling manner, "Pei Yucheng, I wasn't a good host today! I must have displeased you! I'm so sorry. I will definitely host you here again!"

    Pei Yucheng replied, "President Cai, you're too humble."

    Cai Hongan asked, "President Pei, both you and Mr. Pei drank, right? Do you need me to arrange for a chauffeur?"

    Pei Yucheng replied, "It's fine. Someone will pick me up."

    Cai Hongan quipped, "Okay! I shall leave now. President Pei, please travel safe!"

    The guests began to disperse until only Pei Nanxu and Pei Yucheng were left.

    Pei Nanxu studied his brother curiously. He hadn't expected his brother to agree to leave so readily today.

    He was already mentally prepared for the worst. He wondered what Lin Yan had told Big Brother to make him let the matter slide...

    "Brother, do you want to take my car?" asked Pei Nanxu.

    "Your sister-in-law is coming to pick me up," answered Pei Yucheng.

    Pei Nanxu chuckled at his answer. "Oh yeah, she bought a car today. She even posted about it online! That car..."

    Pei Nanxu was at a loss for words when he thought of Lin Yan's car.

    While they were talking, Zhong Xiaowei and Zhong Xuening ambled timidly towards them.
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