625 How Should She Prevent Others From Seducing Her Boyfriend?

    "President... President Pei... Hello..." Zhong Xiaowei blushed crimson as she greeted Pei Yucheng shyly.

    The girl was as lovely as a flower, and her blushing face made her look even sweeter.

    Zhong Xiaowei was well aware of a man's weakness and knew exactly how to amplify her strength.

    As the girl stood before the man, looking as innocent as an angel, she muttered, "President Pei... I'm an artist managed by Summit Entertainment. My name is Zhong Xiaowei. This is my sister, Zhong Xuening. It was crowded in the room earlier and the seat beside you was occupied, so we didn't have an opportunity to talk to you..."

    Zhong Xuening chimed in eagerly, "President Pei, we caught a glimpse of you from afar at last year's event. Today was the first time we saw you properly!"

    Zhong Xuening looked like an infatuated girl with a dreamy expression. She had also deliberately brought up the event.

    Pei Nanxu coughed gently as he stood awkwardly beside his brother. Their intentions were really obvious from the way they talked.

    Lin Yan's battered-looking car made its way slowly towards the club's entrance. Then, it stopped under a tree opposite the club.

    She was worried initially, as she hadn't expected that Pei Yucheng would relent so easily. She heaved a huge sigh of relief when her identity as his girlfriend wasn't exposed.

    She had assumed that most of the guests would be gone by now. Hence, she'd wanted to pick Pei Yucheng up. Who knew that Zhong Xiaowei and Zhong Xuening would linger around?

    Lin Yan had no choice but to hide for now.

    She watched as the two pretty sisters talked to Pei Yucheng.

    The night was beautiful and romantic.

    As Zhong Xiaowei gazed at the gorgeous man, who was enigmatic and aloof at the same time, she said gently, "President Pei, I saw that you were being harassed earlier. Both my sister and I were furious! That Lin Yan is too much!"

    Pei Nanxu scratched his nose.

    Big Brother had been harassed?

    Hadn't it been the other way around?

    He knew that Big Sister-In-Law would have given anything to bolt out of that room so that her relationship with Big Brother wouldn't be discovered...

    Zhong Xuening glanced at Pei Nanxu and reeled off. "Mr. Pei Nanxu must be aware of this. All the artists at Summit Entertainment have an excellent upbringing except for Lin Yan! She just joined us, so she can't be considered one of us."

    In one sentence, she had put down Lin Yan while praising Summit Entertainment.

    "I wonder which manager had the bad foresight to sign Lin Yan on!" Zhong Xiaowei replied indignantly.

    Pei Nanxu was speechless when he heard them. Meanwhile, he stole a glance at his brother's expression.

    The manager with the bad foresight merely raised his eyebrows in response.

    Lin Yan was getting sleepy as she waited.

    Although she couldn't hear what the sisters were talking about, she could guess what they were up to.

    She reckoned that they wouldn't let Pei Yucheng off tonight!

    Lin Yan tapped her fingers against the steering wheel as she stared impatiently at the sisters.

    F*ck! How dare they seduce her boyfriend while she was watching?
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