628 So What If I Touched Him?

    Lin Yan continued to stare at Zhong Xiaowei with a cold gleam in her eyes.

    Her sudden arrival had left the rest of them in a daze.

    Pei Nanxu and Chu Jiayao were both surprised.

    As Pei Yucheng gazed at the girl, a smile twinkled in his eyes. The smile grew wider and became as brilliant as a river in spring.

    Zhong Xiaowei shuddered involuntarily at how cold Lin Yan was. After some time, she flung Lin Yan's hand away. "Lin Yan! Are you out of your mind?"

    Zhong Xuening cast a contemptuous look at Lin Yan. "Miss Lin, what are you trying to do? Shouldn't you be taking care of President Yang instead of clinging onto President Pei? This is wrong!"

    Zhong Xiaowei stared at Lin Yan. "Lin Yan, who do you think you are? Why are you interfering? You clung to President Pei earlier, but the event is over and you're still here! Are you a sticky plaster?"

    Chu Jiayao surveyed the three ladies and intervened swiftly. "Xiaowei, Xuening, calm down... Talk this over calmly..."

    Zhong Xiaowei stomped her feet angrily. "President Chu! She was already very hostile to me earlier on and she deliberately stayed next to President Pei. She was waiting to ambush President Pei as well. Did you hear what she said just now? She asked me not to touch things that aren't mine! What a joke! Who is she to interfere?"

    Chu Jiayao glanced at Lin Yan and asked cautiously, "Is there a misunderstanding?"

    Wasn't Lin Yan supposed to be in a relationship with Pei Nanxu?

    Why would Pei Yucheng be involved?

    Chu Jiayao's words had barely left his lips when Lin Yan interjected. "There is no misunderstanding."

    Chu Jiayao was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Everyone was shocked by her response.

    Pei Yucheng seemed to be in a relatively good mood today, as he hadn't said anything. He had kept his promise about keeping their relationship a secret.

    In the pale moonlight, the man was clad in a black coat with a white shirt underneath. His eyes gleamed behind the lens, as mysterious as the ocean.

    Lin Yan was trying to calm herself down when she suddenly caught a glimpse of the man's alluring eyes. At that moment, the image of Zhong Xiaowei trying to fall into his arms replayed in her mind once more.

    Zhong Xiaowei, who didn't notice the fire blazing in Lin Yan's eyes, whined. "President Pei, President Chu, did you hear her? She admitted it! She has ulterior motives towards President Pei! She is a D-list actress who didn't even graduate from school, yet she dares to seduce President Pei!"

    Zhong Xuening added calmly, "Miss Lin, you don't have the right to interfere with what Xiaowei is doing. Besides, who are you to President Pei? You compared him to an item just now. And who gives you the right to stop anyone from getting near him?"

    Zhong Xiaowei sneered coldly. "Yeah! Who are you to President Pei? President Pei didn't even utter a word. Are you addicted to causing scandals? Do you think you're fit to even touch President Pei?"

    "Oh... I can't touch him..."

    Lin Yan nodded as she listened to Zhong Xiaowei's sarcasm. She strode boldly over to Pei Yucheng and extended her hand. Without another word, she put her hands around the man's neck and kissed him...

    "So what if I touched him?"
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