629 Miss Lin, Do You Know The Consequences?

    Zhong Xiaowei and Zhong Xuening stood frozen to the spot with their mouths hanging wide open.

    Chu Jiayao coughed violently as he tried to gasp for air.

    Even Pei Nanxu was utterly surprised.

    Although he knew about Lin Yan and Pei Yucheng, he was also aware that Lin Yan was the one who insisted on keeping the relationship underground. Hence, he had never expected that she would do something so surprising...

    Pei Yucheng was momentarily startled before his gaze turned deep.

    As for Lin Yan, she was jolted awake the moment she kissed him.

    When she realized the earth-shattering thing that she had done, her first reaction was to stumble backward as she pressed her palm against her forehead.

    What the... What had she just done?

    She had been seduced by his beauty!

    Meanwhile, the night breeze blew...

    A second passed...

    Two seconds passed...

    Three seconds passed...

    Everyone stood in complete silence and shock while Lin Yan clammed up. An eerie silence shrouded them.

    After some time, Zhong Xiaowei pointed at Lin Yan with agitation. "Lin... Lin Yan! You amoral woman! How could you... How could you do that to President Pei? Are you a hooligan? How could someone as shameless as you exist?"

    Zhong Xuening, who had been left aghast by Lin Yan's atrocious actions, sneered coldly and snapped, "Miss Lin! Do you know what you just did? I heard that you are a loose woman, but I witnessed it with my own eyes today! You have truly lived up to your reputation! Do you need a man that bad? How dare you target President Pei!"

    Lin Yan, who had originally calmed down, felt as though sparks of fire were rising from the ashes once more.

    Excuse me, but what is wrong with them?

    Lin Yan's eyes roved over the girls lazily as she drawled, "I already kissed him. What can you do to me?"

    Zhong Xiaowei was speechless...

    Zhong Xuening was speechless...

    Both of them had been left speechless by her shamelessness.

    Chu Jiayao was completely astonished as well. "This lady is too... fierce. Does she want to stay alive?"

    Lin Yan glanced at Chu Jiayao and replied airily, "Yeah! I will still be a flirt even after I die!"

    She mulled over how Chu Jiayao had tried to set up Pei Yucheng with the sisters...

    Chu Jiayao was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu coughed to clear his throat.

    Meanwhile, Pei Yucheng bent his head a little and chuckled softly. His mysterious eyes reflected the girl's flushed face.

    Zhong Xiaowei snapped to her senses and whirled around to face Pei Yucheng anxiously. "President Pei! This woman is really despicable! This is practically... sexual harassment!"

    Zhong Xuening sounded as though she was aggrieved. "If she stays at Summit Entertainment, she will tarnish our reputation."

    "She should be banned and kicked out! How dare she target President Pei! She is capable of doing anything! If we allow her to stay, who knows what atrocious things she is capable of doing!" Zhong Xiaowei was fuming.

    Chu Jiayao swallowed his saliva and silently agreed with the sisters. Lin Yan was indeed too... unpredictable.

    Pei Yucheng listened to the sisters' complaints and nodded in response. He then turned to Lin Yan and his deep, masculine voice rang out. "Miss Lin, do you know the consequences of your actions?"

    Lin Yan swallowed her saliva.

    Errr... Consequences?

    Zhong Xiaowei and Zhong Xuening gloated to themselves, as Pei Yucheng seemed angry.

    Lin Yan might have been lucky enough to escape from Yang Baixiong's clutches, but she was finished for sure now that she had offended Pei Yucheng!

    "President Pei... This woman is so immoral..."

    "Yeah, you can't tolerate..."

    The wind ruffled their hair as Pei Yucheng strode purposefully over to the girl. He bent and gave the girl a gentle kiss. "The consequence is that... you're not allowed to leave me in this lifetime..."
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