631 She Is My Big Sister-in-law

    Chu Jiayao became more horrified the longer he pondered. "Why do I have the feeling that something is amiss between your brother and Lin Yan?"

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Chu Jiayao was merely suspecting this now?

    Pei Nanxu glanced at his brother and shot him an inquiring look. He didn't seem to have any objections. Judging by this situation, there wasn't a need to.

    Hence, he coughed softly. "Lin Yan... is my brother's girlfriend."

    Chu Jiayao was speechless...

    Zhong Xiaowei was speechless...

    Zhong Xuening was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu's words delivered a fatal blow.

    After five seconds, Chu Jiayao yelled, "What did you say? Didn't you say that Lin Yan was your relative?"

    Pei Nanxu nodded and replied, "She is my Big Sister-In-Law."

    Chu Jiayao was speechless...

    Big Sister-In-Law?

    Was he kidding?

    So he was saying that this was their relationship...

    Bells seemed to clang in Chu Jiayao's head as he instinctively wanted to lash out. However, Pei Nanxu's explanation sounded right...

    He was really sly!

    Who would have thought of that?

    He had assumed that Pei Nanxu was the one who had gotten Lin Yan into Summit Entertainment. Who could have known that the truth...

    So... Did this mean that he had been setting up his boss with other women in front of his future lady boss?

    Zhong Xiaowei and Zhong Xuening exchanged looks of disbelief.

    Even though Pei Yucheng and Lin Yan had verified their relationship with their actions, the actual truth hit them even harder.

    He was a man of such status and wealth... Why would he fall for Lin Yan?

    Could Pei Yucheng really be blind?

    They recalled the way Yang Baixiong had collapsed on his knees earlier this evening.

    So Yang Baixiong hadn't been drunk. He must have discovered the truth behind Lin Yan and Pei Yucheng's relationship. Hence, he had collapsed in terror.

    "How can this... possibly happen?" Zhong Xiaowei stared at Pei Yucheng and Lin Yan's interlocked hands. He was still gazing at her affectionately. Zhong Xiaowei couldn't accept the truth.

    Zhong Xuening couldn't comprehend how Lin Yan had managed to become Pei Yucheng's girlfriend. He seemed to be so in love with her...

    Lin Yan had given up on any attempts to salvage the situation.

    Although she regretted her rash actions, she believed that she would have acted the same way if she had been given a second chance.

    Lin Yan decided to ignore the sisters and turned to Pei Yucheng. "I'm tired. Let's go back."

    "Okay." Pei Yucheng removed his coat and placed it on the girl's shoulders.

    In a trice, they left without a word and headed towards the battered-looking car.

    The rest of them watched incredulously as Pei Yucheng was about to get into that pathetic car.

    Zhong Xiaowei's voice interrupted them as Lin Yan was about to get in.

    "Lin Yan, you're not worthy enough for President Pei!"

    Lin Yan halted and fell silent. She then turned around and stared at Zhong Xiaowei. Her expression was icy as she said, "If I'm not worthy, are you?"

    She snorted softly and added, "You can try to touch my man."
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