636 Yeva Has Personally Selected the Actress?

    Username 7787322 commented, 'Why hasn't Lin Yan made her presence known lately? It's the start of the competition. Shouldn't she lead her team to glory?'

    Exterminator Lady Captain also left a comment. 'Lin Yan? She is just putting on a show, right? I can get my old chauffeur to compete with her using the same car. I'll even let her start a minute earlier. I will eat poop if she beats my chauffeur.'

    Lady In The Moon replied, 'The one with real talent is Lin Shuya. Not only is she an official team member, but she is assembling her own team as well. Everyone knows how capable she is.

    Lin Yan is just greedy and jealous of her sister. No matter how incapable she is, she has to brag and boast. How is she a racer? I think she is just sitting in the car!'

    My Husband Isn't Home commented, 'Lin Yan doesn't know how to race at all! She is just boasting! Who would believe that she beat the entire WW team? Only a fool would!'

    Lin Yan logged into another of her accounts to cheer herself on. As expected, she was bombarded with a series of criticism.

    Lin Yan wasn't the least bit bothered by this criticism. She really felt that it would be weird if she didn't get criticized one day.

    She decided to browse some popular trending articles. When she did, one of them caught her eye.

    The headline was, 'How did Lin Yan manage to land the role of Yeva? The truth will make your jaw drop!'

    Lin Yan had assumed that some media outlet had spun some atrocious stories once more. However, she got a surprise when she read the content.

    There was a snapshot of a conversation that belonged to Lang Mang.

    Lang Mang said, 'Finally, there is news from Coach! She wanted to select the actress for the role personally! Is she too bored?'

    Lin Yan realized that this was indeed the real account used by Lang Mang.

    It had never occurred to her that someone would leak the conversation.

    A blissful fan had left a comment. 'Wow! Are you serious? Does this mean that Yeva has personally selected Lin Yan? This is too shocking!'

    There Is A Pest In My House replied, 'Are you a fool? This is merely photo-shopped! How could it be Lang Mang? Anyone with brains would know that this is a lie at first glance!'

    'I reckon that Lin Yan must be behind this. For the sake of keeping herself in the news, she would spin any story. How can this account belong to Lang Mang? His official account would definitely have been verified! Let's create an army to blast this fake Lang Mang account until it explodes!'

    Lin Yan swiftly clicked into Lang Mang's forum.

    As she had expected, hundreds of comments had flooded the forum, chiding Lang Mang with ferocity.

    You're A Fool had typed, 'Who the hell are you? How dare you pass off as Lang Mang? Yeva selected the actress personally? I bet it was your father!'

    Lin Yan Is Useless had replied, 'Ha ha! I bet Lin Yan bought this account! She even went to the trouble of creating an overseas account? Did she think that we wouldn't be able to find out?'

    I Love My Family had replied, 'You are Lang Mang? Then I'm Yeva!'

    Lin Yan silently prayed for Lang Mang as she read the criticism. She hoped that he wouldn't die from anger when he read this.
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