637 Are You Confident?

    The next morning...

    Lin Yan reached the He family residence bright and early.

    All the team members had assembled.

    Lin Yan came in with a huge bag of breakfast.

    "Goddess! You're here!"

    Mo Shuyun heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of Lin Yan. He had been most afraid of Lin Yan breaking her promise.

    "Of course I would be here. It's such an important day." Lin Yan glanced at Mo Shuyun and chuckled.

    "Sister, this is my first official competition. I'm so scared!" He Lefeng turned to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan's eyes fell on He Lefeng as she contemplated this. "Are there any substitute members? Replace him if he is so scared."

    Mo Shuyun nodded and replied, "Yes! I also think that he can't make it! Although he has improved, we should consider replacing him!"

    "Don't do that!"

    He Lefeng screwed his face, looking pitiful and upset. "Sister, I only wanted you to comfort me. Why would you replace me so eagerly? I've improved so much!"

    "Still afraid?"

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows as she studied He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng shook his head quickly and patted his chest. "What a joke! I have never been afraid of anyone since I was born! Fear has never existed in my dictionary!"

    "He Lefeng."

    Mo Shuyun turned to He Lefeng. "The day you die, I will come with Yun Xuan to visit you and mourn your death with incense and prayers."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Yun Xuan was speechless...

    "Is everything ready?"

    Old Master He Dingkun entered the room.

    This was the day that would decide the fate of the He family team. There was no room for mistakes.

    Even if they lost, they would have to fight till the end!

    "We are ready," replied Mo Shuyun.

    He Dingkun nodded in grim approval. He scrutinized everyone and said, "Everyone here has worked hard. Is everyone confident today?"

    "No, we are not..."

    They all replied in unison.

    He Dingkun was speechless...

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Old Master, even I'm not confident." Mo Shuyun pondered quietly as he glanced at He Dingkun. "We have to depend on luck too. If we are down on luck, we will be defeated."

    He Dingkun was well aware of this. He didn't need Mo Shuyun to tell him.

    He had managed a racing team all his life and he knew everything about the racing industry in the country.

    The new competitions had complex rules and regulations. With so many teams of different levels competing, it was hard to predict the outcome.

    Other than the average teams, the top teams would be competing as well. Each of them was as savage and ruthless as wolves and tigers.

    Although the He family team had Mo Shuyun, he was the only one with the ability and talent to take on those teams.

    Mo Shuyun had recruited many new members. However, due to the lack of time, they hadn't managed to get the best results. There was still a huge gap between them and the average team.
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