638 Cheerleader

    Due to the complexity of the new competition's rules, many top prestigious teams would be participating. Hence, a team like the He family team was insignificant.

    As Mo Shuyun had said, luck would play a huge part. If they were down on their luck, they would be finished if they met a top team.

    Both the team members and the captain had no confidence in winning, so luck might be on their side.

    "To be frank, our team is not good enough."

    One of the team members confessed.

    Mo Shuyun didn't refute what he'd said.

    It took time for a team to develop teamwork, and time wasn't on their side either. Training was an issue itself.

    Nonetheless, Mo Shuyun still felt confident that they might meet an average team. However, if their opponent was a top team, they would certainly have no chance of winning.

    Amongst the top teams were the best three teams in the country. If the He family team were to meet them, it would be a nightmare.

    "Why are you so afraid?" Lin Yan chuckled after some time.

    The team members turned to Lin Yan in puzzlement.

    "Sister Yan, if we meet any of the top teams, it will be game over for us. We are bound to lose," one of the members said.

    Yun Xuan was silent as he mulled over the conversation. He had been training very hard for this competition, but he knew that they would be finished if they met the top teams.

    "It doesn't matter if we lose or win. Forget it and eat breakfast now."

    He Lefeng muttered something inaudible and turned around.

    The rest of the team members traipsed after him and took the bag of breakfast.

    Mo Shuyun walked over to Lin Yan and asked softly, "Goddess, are you going to be a cheerleader or a racer?"

    Lin Yan blinked in astonishment.


    Did she look like a cheerleader?

    "If I were to become a cheerleader, would you be able to handle the top teams?" Lin Yan glanced at Mo Shuyun.

    Mo Shuyun was speechless...

    "Goddess, I am aware of your ability, but there are many old and prestigious teams who could beat WW. Even if you were to compete with them, there wouldn't be much hope." Mo Shuyun sighed in defeat.

    Lin Yan glanced at Mo Shuyun in response. The new rules stated that members would be picked to compete. If she wasn't picked, there wasn't much that she could do. However, it would be a different story if she was.

    Even Lin Yan herself wasn't that confident when it came to the new competition.

    Mo Shuyun was right to be worried. If the He family team was unlucky and had to compete with the top team or Lin Yan wasn't picked, there wasn't much she could do.
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