639 Doub

    No one would be able to change the rules and regulations of the competition. They could only accept them and trudge down the path, no matter how tough it might be.

    "Miss Lin Yan, we will try our best and show you what we are capable of." One of the team members smiled bravely at Lin Yan.

    "What do you mean?" Another young man grinned as he studied Lin Yan. "Are you seriously thinking of getting Miss Lin to be a cheerleader? Miss Lin is Lin Shuya's sister, so I'm sure she is as talented as her sister.

    Don't forget that Miss Lin Yan has beaten WW before. I think her ability is on par with our captain's ability."

    The rest of the team members frowned at his comment.

    These men had joined the He family team some time ago. Some of them had researched Lin Yan due to her special position in the He family team.

    After reading up on her, many of them had begun to doubt her.

    Most of them had joined the team because of Mo Shuyun. Without Mo Shuyun's reputation, they wouldn't have considered the He family team at all.

    Many of them had doubts about Mo Shuyun's decision to lead a team like the He family team, which was on the verge of dissolving.

    After reading up on Lin Yan, most of them were certain that Lin Yan had a special relationship with Mo Shuyun. A few even suspected that Lin Yan had seduced Mo Shuyun.

    A few days ago, Lin Yan's uncle, He Xiong, her cousin, and the He family team had invited them over for dinner. They had said that Lin Yan knew nothing about racing. They had also implied that Mo Shuyun had entered the He family team because Lin Yan had used some underhanded methods to lure him over. Thus, they had concluded that she had seduced Mo Shuyun.

    As a result, many of them had begun to despise Lin Yan and feel disgusted by her behavior.

    Alas, they had signed a contract with the He family team. They wouldn't be able to leave for a year.

    "Li Tao, what are you trying to imply? Miss Lin has beaten the WW team. Do you reckon that she used her looks to seduce the WW captain and that was why she won? Miss Lin is a celebrity and she wouldn't have done something like that."

    He Lefeng's face darkened and he glared at Li Tao and the others. "What kind of nonsense is that?"

    Li Tao chuckled wryly. "Nothing much. We didn't say anything. Why are you so affected when Miss Lin isn't?"

    Before He Lefeng could retort, another team member said, "Miss Lin certainly wouldn't be bothered. She is already so experienced."

    "What's all that nonsense about?" Mo Shuyun frowned at them.
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