640 She Could Beat Them Using a Hand

    "Captain Mo, we joined the team because of you, but we are normal people with morals and principles. We don't care about the relationship you have with Miss Lin or why you entered the He family team. We are all men... We understand...

    However... if she doesn't know how to race, she should be a spectator. She shouldn't be talking so much. All of us can be her coach!"

    "Frankly speaking, if I knew about the relationship you have with Miss Lin, I wouldn't have joined the team." Li Tao glanced at Miss Lin. "Captain Mo, you're my idol. WW's captain is my idol as well. Everyone is aware of his skills, so how could Lin Yan beat him?

    Of course, it's a fact that Miss Lin Yan has defeated the entire team, but the reason for their defeat is circulating online.

    Miss Lin Yan has tried to snatch her sister's fiancé and seduced all kinds of men in the entertainment industry. She has created many scandals too. It should be effortless for her to seduce both you and WW's captain."

    "I have nothing against the He family team. I merely despise Miss Lin Yan. I am a fan of Miss Lin Shuya, who is so nice to Lin Yan! However, Lin Yan took the role of Yeva from Miss Lin Shuya... I'm impressed."

    "Are all of you done?"

    He Lefeng bellowed, "Are you implying that my cousin is a vase? She can beat all of you using only one hand!"

    "She can beat us?"

    Li Tao grinned in amusement when the words left He Lefeng's lips. He studied Lin Yan with a disdainful glance and quipped, "Sure. We can let her start ahead by five seconds. I don't need her to win. She just needs to catch up with me! If she manages to do so, I will kneel and apologize to her!"

    "Sure! Keep your promise!" He Lefeng clenched his fists and turned to Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, race him!"

    Lin Yan looked as though she hadn't heard him. She only said after some time, "Shuyun, it's almost time. Let's go."

    The rest of the team members laughed at Lin Yan's response.

    She didn't even dare to race with them. How could she have beaten WW?

    In their opinion, Lin Yan was truly a wily fox. She would never do anything that she wasn't confident in.


    Mo Shuyun glanced at Lin Yan in surprise. "Goddess, aren't you angry?"

    Lin Yan blinked in astonishment. "Why should I be angry?"

    "The team members...." Mo Shuyun said.

    They had been harsh with their accusations...

    "Oh... That..." Lin Yan chuckled softly. "Why should I be angry over trivial stuff like that? I would be driven to death every day in that case."

    Lin Yan wasn't bothered by the team members' accusations. This was considered mild compared to the criticism she received online.

    Mo Shuyun studied Lin Yan and gave her a thumbs-up. "Goddess, you're gracious!"

    Lin Yan gave him a tiny smile, looking unruffled. If she didn't have to depend on them to compete, she might have exploded at them or given them a flying kick...
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