641 They Certainly Didnt Have Confidence

    Half an hour later, the He family team reached the venue.

    There were two hours left until the start of the competition, but the venue was already crowded.

    This was a magnificent and rare sight in the racing industry, as this new competition had aroused the interest and attention of many people.

    Other than other major competitions in the country, this new competition was considered the hardest of them all.

    Many glum faces could be seen in the small teams. Many people were hoping that they wouldn't have to cross paths with the top teams.

    In a unique competition like this, even the top teams might be defeated.

    The members of the He family team surveyed the surroundings with curiosity.

    Most of the young members had never competed in such a huge, major competition before.

    Even Mo Shuyun couldn't help but glance around.

    "Are you confident?" Lin Yan asked Mo Shuyun.

    Mo Shuyun shook his head casually in response. "Of course not."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Goddess, are you confident?" Mo Shuyun countered.

    Lin Yan shook her head as well.

    She certainly wasn't. However, she wasn't bothered by the top teams. She was just concerned that she might not get picked to compete.

    "It can't be helped." Mo Shuyun sighed aloud.

    Mo Shuyun thought that Lin Yan's skills were only on par with teams like WW.

    In an arena like this, even WW would appear insignificant.

    Most importantly, Lin Yan might not get picked.

    If Lady Luck was smiling upon them, the He family team might still stand a chance. However, if Lin Yan wasn't picked, it would be a different story.

    That certainly wasn't the worst scenario.

    What Mo Shuyun was dreading the most was crossing paths with the top teams. Everything would be over if that happened.

    "Goddess, what happens if you aren't chosen?" Mo Shuyun gazed at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan turned to Mo Shuyun. "Then we can only depend on you."

    Mo Shuyun was speechless...

    "Aren't you worried at all?" Mo Shuyun was startled when he saw that Lin Yan seemed so calm.

    "I don't think being worried helps." Lin Yan grinned at him.

    "You're right... But..." Mo Shuyun sounded helpless.

    This competition wouldn't affect the top teams at all. However, the bottom and average teams were in a jittery state, as their nightmare had just begun. This didn't apply to teams with huge investors backing them up.

    Mo Shuyun saw many familiar faces and looked conflicted.


    Lin Yan was about to walk away when Pei Yutang appeared.

    She whirled around to face him.
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