644 Gimmick

    "We need to leave now." Pei Yutang smiled at Lin Yan gratefully.

    After Pei Yutang and Wu Yong left, Mo Shuyun scurried over to her. "Goddess, who is he? Why did he call you daddy? Are you close to him? Which team is he from?"

    Lin Yan shot him a sharp look. "Are you an investigator?"

    Mo Shuyun chuckled sheepishly. "I'm just concerned about my goddess. Besides, there are many perverts and scumbags in society. It's dangerous and weird for him to call you daddy."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Lin Yan, Mo Shuyun, and the He family team members strode into the venue.

    All of them, including He Dingkun, changed into their uniforms.

    "Captain, aren't we supposed to have some sort of a strategy?" He Lefeng asked Mo Shuyun, whose head was bowed.

    "Captain?" He Lefeng probed louder, as Mo Shuyun seemed to be in a daze.

    Mo Shuyun snapped back to his senses and glanced at He Lefeng. "What?"

    He Lefeng was speechless...

    "Captain, I'm asking you if we have a strategy." He Lefeng grinned at him.

    Mo Shuyun replied swiftly, "No."

    "Captain, this is such an important competition. Don't we need some kind of strategy? For instance, deception..." He Lefeng reeled away.

    Mo Shuyun stared at He Lefeng as though he was a fool. "In that case, you should consider taking flight before the competition starts. If we are lucky enough to meet teams like us or even average teams, we can race like normal. If we meet a top team, it wouldn't have helped if you had started strategizing in your mother's womb. Everything would be a gimmick under the circumstances."

    "Goddess, am I correct?"

    Mo Shuyun grinned at Lin Yan.

    Many of them sniggered to themselves. It seemed that Lin Yan's uncle and cousin had been right about Mo Shuyun and Lin Yan's relationship.

    Mo Shuyun was a well-known racer whose skills had been proven. Why would he ask Lin Yan?

    As the saying goes, heroes have a weakness for beauties. Lin Yan seemed to possess such beauty and charm. She must have seduced plenty of men before, so Mo Shuyun had undoubtedly fallen under her spell.

    There was no other explanation behind Mo Shuyun's decision to join a failing team.

    "Go and inspect the cars," Lin Yan told Mo Shuyun as she glanced at the cars.

    They all had their own car. However, if they had rich investors, their cars would certainly have better functions.

    Since their cars couldn't compare to the other cars, the least they could do was ensure that the cars would function normally.

    "We have inspected them all. How could we not?" Mo Shuyun grinned at Lin Yan with a list in his hand.

    "Goddess, the management has provided us with a list and the He family team is in category C. Everything's not lost yet, as this category is made up of mainly low and average teams. There are 5 other top teams grouped with us."

    Mo Shuyun expounded smoothly, "We have to be wary of one of the teams. It belongs to K1. They even sent their female captain, Su Cai, to helm the team to ensure the team's success."
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