645 I Feel Sorry For Myself

    Lin Yan remained quiet.

    Su Cai, the female captain of K1... Lin Yan remembered her.

    When Lin Shuya had organized a dinner and invited the imposter, Su Cai had been present as well.

    Lin Yan took the list from Mo Shuyun quietly.


    Lin Yan found the name very familiar. She had heard of this team before...

    She mulled over the name and suddenly recalled. It was Pei Yutang's team.

    No wonder Pei Yutang had kept pestering her lately. Based on this list, the He family team might really meet Pei Yutang's team on the track.

    Other than Storm, there was another team that caught Lin Yan's attention.

    It was K2.

    This team was a sub-team under K1, so it was powerful and strong. They had arranged for their female captain, Su Cai, to lead them.

    Other than K2, there were two other top national teams, Lightning and Whirlwind.

    These teams were two of the oldest teams in the country. Their strength and experience surpassed WW's by far.

    Lin Yan sighed...

    Soon, Mo Shuyun also sighed helplessly and told her, "Although the majority of the participants are low and average teams, we still have some top teams to be wary of. Seems like category C is still deadly for us... If we meet them..."

    Mo Shuyun quietly contemplated the possibilities. If Lin Yan were to be picked, their team would still be trashed if they met the teams Lightning and Whirlwind.

    They also had to be wary of K2, as a skilled captain was holding the fort. They couldn't possibly rely on normal strategies to beat them.

    "What do you have in mind?" Lin Yan questioned Mo Shuyun curiously.

    The corners of Mo Shuyun's mouth twitched. "I feel sorry for myself... I have to face so many strong opponents... Is the He family team cursed?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Shouldn't Mo Shuyun be the one who was cursed? Ever since he'd joined the team, they had encountered only obstacles and difficulties.

    The competition would officially begin in an hour.

    The spectator stands were already full.

    Qi Shaoyuan and Wei Xufeng wouldn't miss this for anything in the world. They had been waiting since dawn.

    "Is that Lin Yan?"

    Wei Xufeng stared at Lin Yan, who stood amongst a sea of men.

    "Where? Where is she?"

    Qi Shaoyuan leaped to his feet as he surveyed the tracks anxiously.

    "Why are you so excited?"

    Wei Xufeng scanned Qi Shaoyuan with a mixture of doubt and curiosity.

    He had felt puzzled by Qi Shaoyuan's behavior at the private dinner, where he'd kept defending Lin Yan.

    "I'm not excited. Don't talk nonsense!" Qi Shaoyuan snapped.

    "You and Lin Yan..."

    Wei Xufeng scowled at Qi Shaoyuan. "What is happening between the two of you?"


    Qi Shaoyuan denied it quickly.

    Their relationship was merely that of an idol and a fan!

    As for developing that relationship... he wished he could. Unfortunately, he didn't dare to...

    How could he have any other thoughts about his boss, Yeva? He was still a kid!
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