646 Your Hopes Will Be Dashed

    "That would be the best. Lin Yan is a scheming person, so I'm warning you not to get close to her." Wei Xufeng instructed him grimly.

    "Xufeng, are you here to watch the competition or to talk about women?" Qi Shaoyuan frowned at him.

    Wei Xufeng shrugged nonchalantly and said, "I'm just curious, as I didn't expect that Lin Yan would really become a member of the He family team. If she was picked, wouldn't it be awkward for her?"

    "Awkward?" Qi Shaoyuan snorted coldly. "Of course it wouldn't."

    Wei Xufeng pondered wistfully. "True... After all, the team is on the verge of being disbanded..."

    Wei Xufeng was still musing when he caught sight of Mo Shuyun, who stood beside Lin Yan.

    "Mo Shuyun?"

    Wei Xufeng was taken aback.

    Mo Shuyun was standing next to Lin Yan and was clad in the He family team's uniform.

    "How is that possible? How could Mo Shuyun join the He family team?" Wei Xufeng exclaimed in disbelief.

    Mo Shuyun might not be the top racer in the country, but he was a well-known racer. He was a great racer and he could join any team he desired. Why would he join a lousy team?

    "To think that the gossip was true..." Wei Xufeng mused in amusement.

    He had read some gossip online that hadn't seemed reliable.

    The article had mentioned that a famous racer had joined the He family team and that Lin Yan was the reason for his decision.

    The writer had also said that Lin Yan had tried to salvage her team and used her body to make a transaction with Mo Shuyun in a bid to get him to join the He family team.

    The identity of the source was anonymous, so Wei Xufeng hadn't believed the article.

    However, Mo Shuyun was really parading around in his uniform before his eyes.

    The source had been somewhat right. The article hadn't been pure nonsense.

    Wei Xufeng hadn't realized that his gaze, which was directed at Lin Yan, was filled with disgust and loathing.

    That woman would stoop to anything to get what she wanted.

    Since she wasn't capable enough, why would she portray herself to be?

    To maintain her persona, she didn't mind using her body in exchange.

    "I was looking forward to seeing Boss... Ahem... I mean, seeing Lin Yan get picked." Qi Shaoyuan chuckled happily.

    "You are looking forward to that?"

    Wei Xufeng appraised Qi Shaoyuan scathingly. "I'm afraid your hopes will be dashed."

    "Why?" Qi Shaoyuan was perplexed.

    "Let's have a bet. Lin Yan will definitely not get selected. Even if she is, she will never compete," quipped Wei Xufeng confidently.

    Wei Xufeng couldn't be certain of the methods she had used to bribe the management to wriggle her way out. However, there could only be two outcomes.

    First, Lin Yan had bribed the management so she wouldn't get picked. If she did, her image as a competent racer would be destroyed.

    Second, a competition of this scale would definitely be just and fair. In the event that she got picked, she would make all sorts of excuses not to race.

    Certainly, a third possibility might occur.

    If Lin Yan was picked and had to compete, she would be defeated and crushed in the end.
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