648 I Can Even Beat Them Myself

    There were three categories: A, B, and C.

    The He family team was in category C.

    Category A consisted of the strongest teams, while category C included the weakest teams.

    Nevertheless, this was only for comparison's sake. Category A included the most prestigious and powerful teams, while category B's top teams were slightly below them. Category C's top teams were the lowest amongst the three categories.

    This differentiation was only meaningful so that the top teams would be in the same category. For the average and weak teams, it was a deadly situation.

    As for Lin Yan, it certainly didn't matter at all.

    Lin Yan, Mo Shuyun, and the others waited restlessly for a long time before they heard the signal.

    Category C would start competing first.

    The first two teams were both unknown.

    "Wow, they got lucky. Why weren't we picked?" Mo Shuyun sounded as though his heart was aching. "I really wanted to race with the weak teams."

    Lin Yan was left speechless by how useless he sounded.

    "Look! The small teams are competing amongst themselves. Why are they so lucky? They are at each other's level, so it will be a really fair test!" Mo Shuyun mused.

    "Captain, don't be so anxious. We might meet Storm!" He Lefeng suddenly remarked.

    Mo Shuyun's eyes gleamed with hope at He Lefeng's words.

    He Lefeng was right. They were similar teams, so they might have the opportunity to race each other!

    If their opponent was Storm, it would be a sure victory for them!

    "I heard that Storm recruited a new captain. He seems to be very good. If their captain is selected, we might not win." He Lefeng pondered wistfully.

    "Can you not jinx us?" Mo Shuyun glared at He Lefeng.

    "Captain, to emerge victorious, we have to know our enemy. We have to analyze this rationally." He Lefeng chuckled as he talked to him.

    "Of course I know that we have to know our enemy. However, the competition is starting. What damned use would that be at this point in time?" Mo Shuyun sighed helplessly.

    Lin Yan's attention was fixed on the racing track as she watched the competition.

    Seconds later, she rubbed her eyes.

    She felt like her eyes were embarrassed!

    The two teams on the track seemed to be playing. They were even weaker than the He family team!

    It was no wonder that they were in Category C.

    In other words, it would be advantageous for them if there were more such teams. The lousier the teams were, the more hope there was for the He family team. Even if she wasn't chosen, the He family team could still beat its opponents.

    "Sister, those two teams are so horrible! I could even beat them myself!" He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan turned to He Lefeng.

    After Mo Shuyun's vigorous training, He Lefeng had indeed improved. However, Lin Yan didn't know how much he had improved.

    The He family team couldn't leave the venue while the competition was ongoing, so Lin Yan could only watch the races. However, it was so boring that she began to get sleepy.
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