650 This Was Fate!

    Chapter 650: This Was Fate!

    Fortunately, they managed to win the first race of the competition. Lady Luck was smiling upon the He family team.

    The subsequent races were more exciting, as Whirlwind was pitted against Lightning.

    The two teams had decades of history and glory and were among the best in the country. At least, Lin Yan wouldn't doze off.

    As the commentator announced the teams' names, the spectators cheered wildly for them.

    In their opinion, the most exciting races of Category C would be the races of Whirlwind and Lightning. No one had expected that they would cross paths so soon, so the air was saturated with excitement.

    In the end, Lightning completely crushed Whirlwind mercilessly. Whirlwind didn't manage to win a single race despite being a powerful and prestigious team just like Lightning.

    After the competition between Lightning and Whirlwind ended, it felt as if there wasn't anything left to look forward to. Lightning was the top winner in Category C, while Whirlwind was the runner-up. The rest of the teams didn't matter.

    Nonetheless, the competition continued.

    When she woke up, the competition had ended and Pei Yutang had already cried his heart out.

    He was down on his luck!

    "Boss, it can't be helped that we lost to Whirlwind! The disparity between us is too huge!" A team member sighed.

    Pei Yutang gritted his teeth. "I'm going to change our name. We shall call ourselves Refuge in the future!"

    "Boss, shouldn't we name ourselves Escape from Lightning? What if we meet them at the next competition?" one of the team members asked.

    Pei Yutang screamed at him. "Then we should escape from electricity instead! You're also fired!

    Everyone was speechless...

    "How about... we name ourselves Refuge from Lightning and Wind?"

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    Pei Yutang hissed and snarled, "How about we call ourselves losers? You're fired as well!"
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