649 An Easy Opponen

    Lin Yan dozed off and woke up abruptly when the race ended.

    There wasn't a break after the winner was announced. The other race started almost immediately.

    "Next team, Storm," a commentator announced curtly.

    Lin Yan's interest was piqued when she heard the commentator.

    It was Pei Yutang's team.

    He Lefeng, Mo Shuyun, and the rest also looked alert.

    "It will be a certain victory for us if we are picked!" Mo Shuyun quipped excitedly. "Please choose us! I hope Storm will be our opponent for the three races!"

    However, He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun were disappointed. It wasn't the He family team...



    Lin Yan almost burst into laughter when she heard the team that would be Storm's opponent.

    Whirlwind was the best team in Category C. Pei Yutang was too unlucky.

    Lin Yan was trying to visualize Pei Yutang's expression.

    Pei Yutang was grave and sulky as he shook the hand of Whirlwind's boss. A second later, he turned on his heel and left.

    He was known to give his opponent an easy time, which proved to be true this time.

    The most dismaying thing was that their team captain wasn't picked...

    As expected, Storm lost miserably to Whirlwind. It was too appalling to watch, so even Lin Yan didn't have the heart to carry on watching.

    Pei Yutang stomped angrily as he cried, "I feel as if the whole world is against me! Why did it have to be Whirlwind? Why did the wind blow against my team?"

    "Boss, the world is indeed against us! How could we meet the best opponent otherwise? Why would Whirlwind pit themselves against us?"

    "Aren't we supposed to be called Storm?" A team member glanced carefully at Pei Yutang. "The whirlwind caught up with the storm..."

    Pei Yutang glared at that team member. "You're fired!"

    Everyone was speechless...


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    After the winner of Storm and Whirlwind's race was announced, the next race commenced.

    "NG team versus the He family team."

    Mo Shuyun seemed excited as he clasped his hands. "God bless! We are on!"

    NG was also a junior team that had just started racing months ago. In Mo Shuyun's opinion, they were an easier opponent than Storm.

    The members were soon picked.

    Yun Xuan and He Lefeng were selected.

    "Good luck!" Lin Yan smiled at He Lefeng and Yun Xuan.

    "Sister... Don't worry..." Yun Xuan muttered softly in response.

    NG's boss shook hands with He Dingkun before the competition, looking glum.

    The competition commenced shortly.

    He Lefeng was the first to race, but something happened in the middle of the race. He stopped his car for several seconds and was eliminated.

    Yun Xuan won the next race.


    After the race, an awkward-looking He Lefeng returned.

    "Weren't you confident earlier?" Mo Shuyun asked He Lefeng sharply.

    "It was an accident. An accident," He Lefeng mumbled awkwardly.
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