652 Destroyed Persona

    Chapter 652: Destroyed Persona

    In Lin Yan's opinion, even if Pei Yutang's team had clinched a victory, it wouldn't have mattered. The He family team had been lucky enough to clinch a victory and that was enough.

    Li Tao sneered in triumph when Lin Yan lost.


    All the reporters' attention was fixed intently on Lin Yan when she lost.

    Lin Yan slowly drove her car back to the starting point and exited it, looking unconcerned.

    Qi Shaoyuan scratched his head in puzzlement.

    Boss had been defeated?

    Why would she lose?

    Lin Yan had seemed close to the boss of Storm, so it was possible that she had lost deliberately.

    "That woman is weird."

    Before Qi Shaoyuan could speak, Wei Xufeng suddenly spoke.

    "Why?" Qi Shaoyuan glanced at Wei Xufeng.

    "My guesses weren't accurate." Wei Xufeng mused, looking thoughtful. "I thought that Lin Yan wouldn't be picked and even if she did, she would find an excuse not to race. However, I was wrong. Lin Yan was brazen enough to take part. In hindsight, if she had refused after being picked, her persona would have been destroyed. This is akin to smashing a cracked pot."

    Qi Shaoyuan sighed heavily to himself. He wanted to retort but he stopped himself.

    After all, Lin Yan had indeed lost to Li Tao earlier on.

    Of course, Qi Shaoyuan could only guess, as he had no evidence. He wasn't clear about what had happened exactly.

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    Meanwhile, backstage...
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