651 Avoiding Daddy

    Chapter 651: Avoiding Daddy

    Wei Xufeng's eyes glimmered with a flash of doubt. Lin Yan shouldn't have been picked at all.

    When Pei Yutang heard that his team would be racing with the He family team, his eyes sparkled with hope. When his team captain, Wu Yong, was picked, he almost jumped with joy.

    Finally, Storm could win at least one race!

    However, Pei Yutang's eyes dimmed when he heard Lin Yan's name. He felt like fainting.

    "Storm should rename itself Avoiding Daddy!" Pei Yutang muttered in dismay.


    Lin Yan and He Lefeng stood on the tracks.

    The competition would be a rally race consisting of three team members. There would be three sections, and each member would be positioned at each one. If any of the team members lost, the second member would replace that team member. If the member continued to be in the lead, he or she could continue racing without stopping.


    Murmurs spread across the spectators as they watched Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan didn't care, as she couldn't hear their snide remarks or criticism.

    Wu Yong and Lin Yan whizzed off almost at the same time.

    Two cars, a red and a silver one, sped off.

    Everyone's attention was on the two cars.

    "Wow... Lin Yan really knows how to race? Wu Yong seems to be a great racer from a top team..."

    "Can she race?"

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