654 Do We Deserve to Be Last?

    Chapter 654: Do We Deserve to Be Last?

    "Next race, K2 versus Whirlwind. Please get ready."


    The crowd erupted in excitement when the announcement was made.

    Although Whirlwind had lost to Lightning, it was still a very strong team.

    As for K2, everyone was aware of how powerful they were. They trained vigorously under K1, and the female captain Su Cai was leading the team this time.

    Thanks to Su Cai's leadership and skills, K2 was a force to be reckoned with. As long as Su Cai was picked, it would be a race that everyone would look forward to.

    As everyone hoped and desired this fervently, the two captains of the teams were selected.

    Su Cai marched to the track with a faint smile on her face. She spotted Lin Yan some distance away and contempt flickered in her eyes.

    Everyone began to exchange hushed whispers when they heard Su Cai.

    "Actually, it's a mystery why WW lost to Miss Lin Yan. We have watched the competition and Miss Lin Yan's skills seem to be average. Besides, the entire industry has been expressing its doubts about Miss Lin Yan's victory. Especially today, when she just lost to Storm. I believe that everyone has understood what happened." The reporter grinned smugly.

    Su Cai grinned as well. "It's indeed a pity. If Lin Yan was able to keep her opponent in check for 15 seconds, she would have had a shot at winning. However, her team was doomed right from the start. Female racers really need to train hard and be humble. We shouldn't take shortcuts or try to use other methods to achieve our goals. Do you agree?"

    "Thank you for the interview, Miss Su Cai. We are looking forward to your race." The reporter smiled.

    Su Cai may not have explicitly spelled everything out, but even a fool would have understood what she'd implied.

    Pei Yutang was indignant as he stomped his feet. "Is that woman's brain damaged? What does she mean by saying that it's a pity you lost to Storm? Did we kill her parents, or is she holding a grudge against us? Do we deserve to be last?"
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