655 Crossing Paths With the King

    Chapter 655: Crossing Paths With the King

    Pei Yutang glared furiously at Su Cai. "I hope that they will lose to Whirlwind! Whirlwind, crush them to bits!"

    Pei Yutang was actually feeling gleeful and overjoyed. His daddy loved him so much. She had saved his team!


    Soon, it was time for the competition between K2 and Whirlwind.

    Su Cai and the captain of Whirlwind walked to their respective cars.

    However, nearly 30 seconds later, Whirlwind's captain had gained a considerable lead.

    Su Cai frowned as she analyzed the situation. Although the captain of Whirlwind had lost to the Lightning team, they were still a team to be reckoned with.

    In less than a minute, both captains had arrived at the finish line. Su Cai had never expected that the captain of Whirlwind would perform a sudden drift and shoot past the finish line in the blink of an eye.

    A furious debate ensued in the stands. In no time, the competition between K2 and Whirlwind ended with Whirlwind clinching a victory of 3:0.

    "K2 lost to a good team. Whirlwind is still a formidable team and all their members are good. K2 only has Su Cai. How could they stand a chance?"

    "Su Cai is really skilled as well. However, she pales in comparison to the captain of Whirlwind. What can she do? The races were exciting, though."

    The subsequent competitions were relatively boring. Soon, night fell.

    There was one last competition left for Category C.

    After this last competition, Category B's competitions would commence the next day.

    Mo Shuyun was feeling uneasy, as there was one last competition left...

    "Hold on!"

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    He Lefeng was startled. There was one more competition to go!

    "The next competition is about to start. He family team and Lightning team, please get ready."

    "The members of Lightning are Captain Jiang Tianxing, Li Hong, and Zhi Qiang."

    "The members of the He family team are Captain Mo Shuyun, He Lefeng, and Lin Yan."
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