656 Lin Yan Again

    Chapter 656: Lin Yan Again

    "We are in luck! Our captain has been picked!"

    One of the team members glanced at Mo Shuyun with a grin.

    Mo Shuyun shot a glare at him instead. "What kind of luck is that? Didn't you just hear who our opponents are? It's Lightning!"

    He seemed to be on the verge of exploding. He had been picked to compete with the best team in Category C, yet someone had just commented that they were in luck?

    Mo Shuyun really dreaded the upcoming race!

    "Why does it have to be me? Why?"

    He Lefeng yelled desperately to the heavens. He had been picked for all three competitions! How could that be possible?

    He could overlook the previous competitions. However, he now had to compete with the best team in Category C... He would be crushed to bits!

    The commentator said, "This is the final competition of Category C. The He family team is unlucky, as they will be meeting Lightning... However, everyone must have heard of Mo Shuyun. He has just joined the He family team and been appointed their captain. He is also an investor... Actually, if Mr. Mo Shuyun thinks that he has money to spare, he can invest in me instead..."

    The spectators giggled and chortled with laughter at the commentator's remarks. Mo Shuyun did seem like a lunatic for investing in the He family team.

    The commentator then said, "Another member of the He family team will portray Yeva in an upcoming movie. It's Miss Lin Yan, who is one of the only two female racers today. It's a pity that, because of her, the He family team has lost to Storm, the weakest team in Category C."

    Qi Shaoyuan was visibly excited. "Lin Yan has been picked again!"

    Wei Xufeng glanced at Qi Shaoyuan. "It doesn't matter who Lightning's opponent is."

    "Maybe Lin Yan will lead the He family team to victory?" Qi Shaoyuan pursed his lips wryly.

    "I know a good neurosurgeon. Do you need a recommendation?" asked Wei Xufeng.

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

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    Soon, the He family team and Lightning entered the tracks.
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