657 She Would Have to Flaunt Her Skills

    Chapter 657: She Would Have to Flaunt Her Skills

    If Mo Shuyun were to lose to the captain of Lightning, He Lefeng would then continue. If the latter were to lose once again, only then would Lin Yan be able to compete.

    However, if this race was like they had predicted, Mo Shuyun wouldn't last too long. Without a doubt, this applied to He Lefeng too.


    Mo Shuyun and Lightning's captain sped off at the same time when the signal was given.

    Mo Shuyun had overtaken his opponent in the first 20 seconds. However, his car was overtaken eventually by Lightning's captain.

    Raucous applause erupted from the stands.

    Nobody had expected that the He family team would perform so well against Lightning.

    Mo Shuyun furrowed his eyebrows as he watched his opponent's car ahead. His skills had indeed deteriorated as he'd thought to himself. He hadn't focused the training on himself... Otherwise... perhaps he might have had a shot at beating his opponent.

    "I've tried my best."

    As his opponent dashed past the finish line, Mo Shuyun got out of his car and sighed helplessly.

    Given his current state, it would be a daunting task for him to try to beat Lightning's captain.

    Mo Shuyun had lost a point, but the crowd was cheering wildly.

    "Damn it! It's my turn!"

    He Lefeng broke out in cold sweat as he saw Lightning's captain approaching him. He fumbled and stepped on the accelerator.

    Due to his nervousness and jitters, his car swerved to the side and headed in the same direction as the car of Lightning's captain.


    He Lefeng turned his steering wheel anxiously, but his opponent had already whizzed past him. Two seconds later, He Lefeng couldn't spot the car at all.

    He Lefeng sat there in a daze. Should he continue with the race?

    Lightning had already won two points and the captain would continue with the rest of the competition. His team members wouldn't get a chance to compete.

    Lin Yan sat in her car, ready and quiet.

    She glanced at the rearview mirror casually when she heard the rumbling sounds of a car behind her.

    She put her helmet on slowly as her opponent approached her.


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    At exactly the same time that Lightning's captain went past the start line, Lin Yan's car glided across the line effortlessly.

    "Wow! She seems like an unleashed horse!" Pei Yutang exclaimed excitedly.

    Wu Yong sneered coldly. "Boss, that woman doesn't have any skill whatsoever."

    Pei Yutang shot Wu Yong a deathly glare.

    If his daddy hadn't pitied him, how could Wu Yong have possibly beaten her?

    Lin Yan wasn't particularly fast, but her car still managed to stay ahead of her opponent's car.

    Every single time her opponent tried to overtake Lin Yan, she seemed to anticipate his move and alter her direction. By doing that, she blocked his path successfully.

    Lin Yan observed her opponent through the rearview mirror with a smug smile on her face. She deliberately swerved to the right to give him the opportunity to overtake her.

    In the blink of an eye, he overtook Lin Yan successfully.

    Lin Yan grinned in amusement.

    To be able to portray the role of Yeva peacefully and to prevent any controversies from arising, she would have to flaunt her skills.
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